When Does Iron Man 2 Take Place?

The first couple of films in the MCU’s lineup are mostly clear as to when they occur, but have all mostly been retconned. Iron Man 2, however, gives us an adequate month to place several films on the list. This is part 3 of a 20 part video series dedicated to determine where each Marvel film takes place.

“Oh! Boy I’m good. I commandeered your screens. I need ‘em. Time for a little transparency.”

The opening of the film begins in Russia, and we see a montage of newspapers and magazines that, all said, denote at least 7 months have passed since May 2008. The subsequent title screen claims that 6 months have passed. If, as we’ll explain later, this film has been retconned to occur in 2011, does that mean Iron Man 1 took place in 2010? We explained why that’s not possible in part 1, so let’s rationalize that the 6 months later title card was in reference to that montage sequence in the beginning and not the first film.

The initial dates featured in the film date it to early February 2009, which would fit pretty well with the first film. However, when Natasha Romanoff is introduced we see she has on her resume that she begins working with Stark Industries in June 2010, though Pepper claims she’s one of a few potential interns, so that date likely hasn’t occurred yet as she hasn’t truly been hired at this point, and that date is when she’ll formally begin. The Monaco Grand Prix occurred in real-life on May 16th in 2010, so we can place that date with some certainty. A couple weeks later we see Tony celebrating his birthday in a way only he truly knows how to as well as getting in a huge fight with Rhodes, and that falls on May 29th. And that event, if it’s to be believed, occurs on the first night of Fury’s Big Week. The rest of the film runs concurrently to the events in both The Incredible Hulk and Thor.

While we here at Geekritique prefer dating Fury’s Big Week to late May, early June 2010, there’s some substantial evidence it’s been retconned in future films to occur in 2011. We’ll discuss that in more depths in parts 4, 6 and 8. 3.7% takes place in 2010, and another 96.3% takes place in 2011. Next time, in Part 4, we’ll find out When Thor Takes Place?

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