The Princess and the Scoundrel

(Novel by Beth Revis)

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Prologue: Leia

  • It’s late into the night after the party with Ewoks on Endor.
  • Only Luke was at his father’s funeral pyre.
  • Luke says “I wasn’t the only one mourning.”
  • When she had spoken to Luke “earlier this night…”
  • Han and Leia copulate for the first time that night.

Chapter 1: Han

  • “2 days later.”
  • “It’s not over yet.” Still fighting hidden bases of Imperials.
  • Emperor Palpatine “still giving orders.”
  • “One night. They’d all had one night to celebrate and pretend the war was over.”
  • Han’s a General now.
  • “Leia had loved him for nearly a whole year,” while he was frozen in Carbonite.
  • Han asks Leia to marry him on a whim. She says “yes.”

Chapter 2: Leia

  • Han and Lando have some undefined bet about marriage Han can now cash in on.
  • “Years had passed” since Luke was the boy she met on the Death Star.
  • Luke’s first offer to Leia as to the path the Force could take her.

Chapter 3: Han

  • “We are well aware that the Empire is influencing the Anoat sector.” (Possible Uprising connection.)
  • Leia has a sizable bounty on her head after the death of Jabba.
  • Pyra was a fertile world turned desert after the Empire mined its resources.
  • Cynda was a moon mined of its thoralide. (A New Dawn reference)
  • Chinook Station in the Anoat sector (reference to Battlefront 2)
  • Kes and Sharra are said to already have had Poe.

Chapter 4: Leia

  • Han and Leia only have a week or two before Han is sent to the Outer Rim to fight.
  • Mon Mothma is happy for Leia and Han. Gives her approval.
  • Brea had spoken to Leia about love and duty before her Day of Demand. (Princess of Alderaan reference)
  • The enormity of Alderaan was still hard to process.
  • The Rhindon Sword and her LO-LA59 droid had been destroyed with Alderaan.
  • “Leia concentrated on the timeline.”
  • Lando said “last time you called me ‘friend’ you punched me in the face.”

Chapter 5: Han

  • Han’s bachelor party is crashed by a bunch of Ewoks.
  • “Just a few days ago” Han was jealous by Luke’s connection with Leia.

Chapter 6: Leia

  • Occurs concurrent of Han’s bachelor party
  • The last time Leia felt the pull of the Force like this was when she felt the call of Luke on Bespin.
  • Leia finds Vader’s mask. She’s glad he’s dead, after his torture via mind probe.

Chapter 7: Han

  • The day of their wedding.
  • The Great Tree is part of the Ewok’s origin mythology.

Chapter 8: Leia

  • Luke is asked to officiate. Logray takes over and tells the crowd that C-3PO is to officiate. Luke is eventually allowed to do it.

Chapter 9: Han

  • The Great Tree literally blessed their wedding.
  • Han and Leia are finally wed.

Chapter 10: Leia

  • Leia had participated in various ceremonial roles in “dozens” of weddings for relatives and high ranking officials, but none had been like hers’.
  • “We can handle this, especially for a few weeks” Mon says, as she encourages Leia to take a honeymoon.
  • Janray Tessime was an Alderaanian artist who’s devoted the last few years to making rebel propaganda and art.
  • “What about a cruise? A set timeline. You’ll be back at work after a week or two.”

Chapter 11: Han

  • Mon gifts the couple a trip on the Halcyon.
  • Han wants Chewie to visit his family while they’re gone.

Chapter 12: Leia

  • Not even 5 hours after marriage, Han and Leia sneak off to the Falcon to transport them to the Halcyon.
  • The first night on Endor after the battle had been full of space debris burning up in Endor’s atmosphere.

Chapter 13: Han

  • They arrive on Chandrila. They’re late.
  • Leia thanks Chewie for helping her through the year that Han was frozen. “That damn missing year.”
  • D3-O9 is the droid we meet in the Halcyon Legacy series, as well as the droid you interact with in the literal Halcyon Starcruiser.
  • Han considers children “for the first time.”

Chapter 14: Leia

  • This is the first voyage of the Halcyon “free of the Empire’s yoke.”
  • The last time Leia had drank any green wine was with her family, after a small victory against the Empire.
  • “This is the first time in a long time the Halcyon has been free to fly with its intended purpose.”
  • Shug Drabor was the founder of the Chandrila Star Line.

Chapter 16: Leia

  • Zohma had, for a few months, frequented the same circles that Leia had.
  • “So many died. Just days ago.” Woman refers to Death Star exploding.

Chapter 17: Han

  • Halcyon built on Corellia.
  • Hutt’s briefly owned the Halcyon. See (Halcyon Legacy #3)

Chapter 18: Leia

  • “After several days of scenic cruising, the Halcyon would end up on Synjax.

Chapter 19: Han

  • Han etches his and Leia’s initials into the engineering room aboard the Halcyon.

Chapter 22: Leia

  • Second day on the Halcyon.
  • The aurora display is tomorrow.
  • Fuel supply lines across the galaxy are being interrupted now that the Empire is gone.

Chapter 23: Han

  • The Halcyon never had a need for a brig until the Empire installed it.

Chapter 24: Leia

  • Leia hadn’t received any real Force training from Luke at this stage, but she tried to connect with it now.
  • Leia may have used the Force to move rocks a few centimeters, a first for her.

Chapter 25: Han

  • “…days after the Empire’s defeat.”
  • Kelad had done his thesis on the Drabor Configuration.

Chapter 26: Leia

  • With the escalation of war, “it’s been nearly a year” since the Halcyon has taken this route.
  • “The last Imperial Art Expo was years ago.”

Chapter 28: Leia

  • “Somewhere over the past 4 years, Leia had begun isolating herself.”

Chapter 29: Han

  • Third day aboard the Halcyon.
  • The banchock hand pies “take a full standard week to make.”

Chapter 30: Leia

  • Fourth day aboard the Halcyon, orbiting Madurs.
  • They were only going to “be on the moon for 3 days.”
  • Dreand Yens, Prime Minister of Madurs, was “a few decades older” than Leia. (Between the ages of her parents and Mon Mothma).
  • “Leia had saved 100 refugees from Wobani when she was 16.” (In ‘Princess of Alderaan’)

Chapter 31: Han

  • Han remembers what it felt like to be frozen in carbonite.
  • The art on Madurs, the ice palaces, are temporary and all the more precious because of it, as ice melts.

Chapter 33: Han

  • The modern art guest houses on Madurs are built in about a month’s time. It would have taken a whole year to complete all 25.
  • Yens claimed that the Halcyon’s passengers were the first guests in years to Madurs, since the Emperor last visited.
  • “About a year ago, the Empire came. They wanted our carnium.”

Chapter 34: Leia

  • “A year ago. That would line up with the time when the Empire annexed Cloud City on Bespin… Palpatine must have been deep into the construction of the second Death Star then.”
  • “About a year ago was when he had been frozen in carbonite.”
  • “Only a few weeks had passed since Leia had been able to steal into Jabba the Hutt’s palace.”
  • According to Leia, Han had no memory of his time between Bespin and Tatooine.
  • The scar on her arm was a gift from a particular commander that targeted her specifically in the year Han was in carbonite. She had also crossed paths with Qi’ra and Crimson Dawn.
  • “This is the first time in years that we’ve had attention on our little moon solely for its merits in the art realm.”

Chapter 35: Han

  • “Within a week” of waking up from carbonite freeze, both Jabba and the Emperor were killed.
  • Within an hour of Yen’s press conference, media was escorted off-moon prematurely.
  • Leia realizes her days as a senator are numbered, because of her true parentage (reference to Bloodline). “I have to do as much as I can, while I can.”

Chapter 36: Leia

  • Leia is unsure if Luke’s Force path will ever be for her.
  • Breha had climbed Appenza Peak. She nearly died. Some organs had to be replaced with cybernetics.
  • They’ll see the edonts, giant fish, tomorrow as they go into submersible ships.

Chapter 37: Han

  • The last time Han had been in a formal dining room was on Bespin, with Darth Vader.
  • Han had lived with the emotion of fear for a year in carbonite.

Chapter 38: Leia

  • Third day on Madurs.
  • Attending the meteor shower was only scheduled to take a few standard days.
  • Reference to the destruction of Calderos Station by the Rebels before Leia joined them (Princess of Alderaan).
  • The ice quakes caused by the fallen space station happen on a schedule.

Chapter 40: Leia

  • “Han had spent close to a year in carbonite.”
  • The space station wasn’t destroyed. It was “fully operational.” It’s mining for carnium.

Chapter 42: Leia

  • “The ice quakes happened according to the Empire’s mining schedule.”
  • Her ring that symbolized her marriage, the one gifted by the Ewoks, was gone.

Chapter 43: Han

  • “All it took was a few years and the Skywalker twins to make him realize that he could ask for help.”

Chapter 44: Leia

  • The Empire’s ambassador told Yens that Madurs was being host to another arts festival, a year back, which is why they built the guest houses.
  • When the station crashed into the ice, it destroyed the old city. 2248 were killed.
  • Leia had never felt stronger than when she killed Jabba with her own bindings.
  • The Empire “received orders to wrap it up soon” – their carnium mining. They received their order from Commander Alecia Beck (introduced in Smuggler’s Run: A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure and referenced in Shattered Empire).
  • Solo cost Beck a promotion. “I’ve been waiting a long time to kill you.”

Chapter 45: Han

  • Imperials (like Beck) don’t believe rebel “propaganda.”

Chapter 46: Leia

  • Leia forces herself to go to Luke for proper training if she ever gets free of the collapsing submersible.

Chapter 47: Han

  • “Plenty of woman had loved Han in his life.”

Chapter 48: Leia

  • Zalma had seen ecological damage like this on smaller scales on other aquatic worlds.
  • “Luke spent every second he could honing his Jedi power.” Even after the “short time Luke had stayed on Dagobah” he had come back so different.
  • Most of the Imperial forces on Madurs had left when the mining equipment was mounted. Now it’s just a skeleton crew.
  • The station had “been there for a year or less.” This lined up to when Luke began training as a Jedi Knight.
  • “The Emperor had been strategizing for a much longer game of holochess than she had realized, setting up pieces to be in play even after he fell. A year in advance.”

Chapter 49: Han

  • “We all had people we lost in the original city.”
  • The angler fishers had attempted several sabotage missions on the mining station.
  • Zalma: “We have just been freed of Imperial control and Chandrila Star Line has always been envisioned as a peaceful exploratory line.”
  • Zalma has lived most of his life on “different aquatic worlds.”
  • The core of Madurs has been “blasted into multiple times a day for a year.”

Chapter 50: Leia

  • A boy named Ardyn had previously stopped up the sewage system on the mining station with edont blubber, stopping mining activity for 3 whole days.
  • Leia’s “father had started as a senator and became a Rebel. But Leia had always been a fighter first.”
  • “Tomorrow,” they attack the repulsor lifts.

Chapter 51: Han

  • “I met Qi’ra,” Leia tells Han. (Star Wars 2020 comic run, Issue #22) Qi’ra told her of a time when Han saved a boy he didn’t know.
  • The moon of Madurs has a “month or two left,” before it’s destroyed.
  • Han didn’t want to think about what he had done for the Empire back in the day so that he could survive.
  • Kelad’s experience with gravity manipulators is exactly what they need right now.

Chapter 52: Leia

  • Mon is sending aid to Madurs, and it’ll arrive within a day or two.
  • Commander Beck is willing to kill everyone on the moon if it means Han and Leia die.

Chapter 53: Han

  • Fourth day on Madurs. The day of the attack on the Imperial mining operation.

Chapter 54: Leia

  • Leia communicates the word “help” from a distance to the edonts, giant aquatic beasts, using the Force.

Chapter 55: Han

  • The Mining station on Madurs is destroyed.

Chapter 56: Leia

  • The people of Madurs celebrate their hard-won victory.
  • The ice quakes continued after the station was destroyed.

Chapter 57: Han

  • The tractor beam was added to the Halcyon when the Empire took over the ship.
  • Shara Bey and other Alliance A-wings in the Green Group show up to the battle with Commander Beck.
  • Arvel Crynyd, former leader of Green Squadron, died in the Battle of Endor, and was one of many memorialized that night. Now Shara leads Green Group.
  • Kelad claims to be able to use the Halcyon’s tractor beam to stabilize Madurs core.

Chapter 58: Leia

  • Zalma has been planning to return to Glee Anselm “for some time,” but will stay on Madurs.
  • Captain Dicto plans to strip the Halcyon of all its Imperial add-ons, restoring it to its original configuration.

Chapter 59: Han

  • Kelad’s long-term plan for Madurs’ core would take over a year to complete.
  • Han and Leia return to the Halcyon.
  • Han had been at the helm of the Halcyon during the battle with Beck.

Chapter 60: Leia

  • Leia wants to commission a sculpture from a Madurs artist for the Halcyon.
  • Leia had a hungering need to use the Force after having used it on Madurs. It scares her.

Chapter 61: Han (and Leia)

  • Han bought Leia a new ring on his way to pick up dinner on the Halcyon.
  • The Falcon has been more Leia’s home than any other place since Alderaan. “For more than a year.”
  • Han puts in a kitchen onto the Falcon.