The High Republic: The Rising Storm

(Novel by Cavan Scott)

231 BBY

  • Lena Soh’s next Great Work is the Republic Fair on Valo.


  • “Many months had passed since the Starlight Beacon Dedication Ceremony.”
  • Elzar Mann still hears the screams he heard at the Starlight Beacon Dedication.
  • It had been months since he’d seen Avar and her demeanor was frosty towards him.
  • He’s on the moon Ashla.
  • Stellan Gios was his oldest friend, now a Council Member.
  • Elzar’s first posting would be a Marshall on Valo. He has a Force vision of the destruction on Valo.
  • Rana Kont was still alive when Elzar made Master.

Chapter 1:

  • Zeetar replaces Kassav as a Tempest.
  • Udi Dis is presumably the Eye’s first crew member. Force user.
  • Udi’s been with the Nihil, in a Reed-high stupor for years. He’s now clean.

Chapter 2:

  • Nearly a year ago, Bell’s Master was taken by the Nihil.
  • Bell and his new Master, Indeera Stokes, are getting ready for the Fair.
  • Interesting that they don’t seem to have holo communicators.
  • The Innovator is the most sophisticated research vessel ever built. The ship would make it to Valo in 2 days.
  • Bell’s been on Cyclor for 24 hours.
  • Bell knew Indeera for years. Stellan isn’t yet on the High Council, according to Indeera??

Chapter 3:

  • For three weeks “monsters” have been killing children on Safrifa. Ty Yorick is on the case.
  • Ty’s been on the run for the better part of a decade, presumably.
  • Ty doesn’t use the Verazeen stones anymore, or at least not that often.

Chapter 6:

  • Ty claims that a year ago nobody had heard about the Drengir, but now they are everywhere. There’s a possibility this takes place at the tail end of 232 BBY, but more signs point to 231.
  • Ty encountered Drengir on Galadron.
  • Her one missing tendril was from a weequay’s knife.

Chapter 7:

  • The Telortai, a force sensitive race, apparently faced off against the Sith “4000 seasons ago”, or 1000 years presumably.
  • Kufa hasn’t been in caves beneath Golamaran for over a decade.
  • Marchion Ro was the Eye of the Nihil at the time Dis joined the Nihil.

Chapter 8:

  • Lightsaber duels are rare now that the Sith are gone, and are now merely ceremonial or for training.
  • In prep meeting for the Republic Fair, Avar says the Jedi have made a truce with the Hutt clans (as seen in The High Republic comic run from 2021).
  • Serenno is still in the Republic at this time.
  • The Nihil have lessened their attacks in recent months.
  • The Battle of Kur was “nearly a year ago.”
  • The Defense Force program was voted down.

Chapter 9:

  • Flashback to Loden Greatstorm training Bell Zettifar. “Solstice tree”?

Chapter 10:

  • “Balance will come,” in reference to the Leveler.

Chapter 11:

  • Porter Engle has been reassigned from Elphrona since the last book.
  • Avar Kriss’ vow has been playing on loop for months.

Chapter 12:

  • Engle Porter’s been a master “many times over.”
  • Elzar hasn’t seen Stellan or Avar since the Starlight Dedication.
  • Before they were knighted, they were called the 3 Firebrands.
  • Elzar’s first posting as a Knight was in the Gallo temple on Naboo.
  • The Republic Fair on Valo was the first in generation. (This doesn’t contradict ‘A Test of Courage’ as there have been other Republic Fairs elsewhere in the galaxy since then.)

Chapter 13:

  • Lourna Dee “ran away from” luxury, tying in with Tempest Runner.
  • Now the Nihil are on Grizal.
  • Pan Eyta wasn’t supposed to attack Cyclor; his whole cloud died.
  • The Republic in high alert.
  • Udi Dis, in a recorded holo, explained where the paths come from. Pan knew this info “for months” apparently, based on how Lourna noticed his demeanor change.

Chapter 14:

  • It’s summertime on Valo.
  • The Chancellor’s son is about 17.
  • Sometime after Light of the Jedi and before The Rising Storm Stellan Gios’ master, Rana Kont died. He was Elevated to Master while Elzar was on Ashla.
  • Vernestra Rwoh was Stellan’s former apprentice.
  • Avar Kriss won’t make it to the opening ceremony of the Republic Fair, which is tomorrow.

Chapter 15:

  • The Togruta delegation is well aware of the Nihil, who are a constant threat in the outer rim.

Chapter 16:

  • Uttersond has worked for Ro for months.
  • Leveler is still in the ice.
  • Mari San Tekka’s been faithful to the Ro’s for centuries.

Chapter 17:

  • First day of the Republic Fair on Valo.
  • Stellan says Elzar’s “been troubled for weeks.”
  • The Republic first entered Togruta space 150 years ago.
  • Lina Soh’s term as Chancellor ends in 4 years time.
  • “Lord Jedi” is an honorific that they haven’t used in millennia.

Chapter 18:

  • Klerin Chekkat is about 20.

Chapter 19:

  • Opening ceremony of the Republic Fair. It’s the afternoon.
  • The ‘United in Song’ song took 12 months of preparation.

Chapter 21:

  • Stellan Gios hadn’t meditated with Rana Kant in many years.
  • Stellan’s tour of the Fair was the previous day.

Chapter 22:

  • Elzar claims that the Great Disaster was “all those months ago.”

Chapter 24:

  • Avar’s currently occupied on Mulita.

Chapter 25:

  • Pan had been alone since he was 8 years old, thrown from the nest.

Chapter 47:

  • It has been years since Elzar had allowed someone to get that close to him.

Chapter 56:

  • “The Lariat of Armistice was an unbreakable rope dating back to the time of the Mystic Nine.”

Chapter 59:

  • Keaton Murat was relatively new to the Council, having just been elevated before the Great Disaster.
  • Avar Kriss is still engaged at Mulita.
  • A century or so ago, the Republic had used antique courier droids in their first push into the frontier.
  • The Drengir were on Valo (tie-in with Race to Crashpoint Tower).

Chapter 60:

  • Stellan is given the full resources of the Republic, including intelligence (which he asserts in Trail of Shadows).
  • Nobody knows where Yoda is.
  • The Togruta are closer than ever to joining the Republic.

Chapter 61:

  • Ty Yorick has been trying to keep away from the Jedi for the “better part of a decade”.
  • The events in The Monster of Temple Peak occurred 3 months ago, or at least the events on Blarrum.
  • The events on Valo occurred over the “space of a couple days”.

Chapter 70:

  • The Nihil have kept Loden prisoner “for the better part of a year.”
  • Twi’leks used to make mummies of their ancestors on Ryloth.