The High Republic: Path of Deceit

(Novel by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland)

382 BBY


  • Radicaz “Sunshine” Dobbs had never seen a worse docking yard than on Dalna.
  • Radicaz was “rather new at fencing items.”
  • He had a “very large bill” due to the Hutts thanks to his gambling debts.
  • The Path of the Open Hand chose Dalna as their compound because it was peaceful and sparsely populated.
  • “This time of year” was the rainy season.
  • Sunshine Dobbs had “gone once” to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant when he was young.
  • The Path of the Open Hand’s ship is called the Gaze Electric, the very same ship owned by Marchion Ro in Phase I.
  • The Path is looking for an artifact known as the Rod of Ages, part of a set.

Chapter 1:

  • Padawan Kevmo Zink expected months of adventure, after being assigned to the Outer Rim.
  • “The grass sharks migrated every 5 years.”
  • “Kevmo had been Zallah’s padawan for nearly 2 years, the last four months of which they’ve been working out of the new Jedi Outpost at Port Haileap.”
  • Just 3 days earlier they rescued” a team of hyperspace prospectors. A day later Azlin Rell called them to help with the sharks on Tiikae.
  • The trick they used on the grass sharks is the same they used “on Alderaan” with the night-lether flocks.
  • Someone stole the Rod of Seasons from the Queen of Hynestia 5 days ago.
  • Azlin’s been in the Frontier for the last “couple of years.”

Chapter 2:

  • Marda Ro had recently “grown into her majority” and recognized as a fully fledged member of the Path of the Open Hand.
  • “It was late Spring on this side of Dalna.”
  • Marda and her cousin Yana came to the Path as children.
  • “The Gaze Electric was nearly complete.”
  • “Yana had served the Mother for the past 3 years.”
  • Ferize and her partners had been nesting for 6 weeks.
  • Today was Ferdan’s day of rest.
  • Newcomers from Eiram arrived two days ago.
  • It had been an awful Winter for the Path, and too wet of a Summer before it. Rough couple months.
  • The first settlers who founded the Path “over a century before.”
  • Marda couldn’t remember a time in her life before the Path of the Open Hand.
  • The Mother has Force visions of where they’re needed.

Chapter 3:

  • Marda had been rejected from joining the Children “once again”.
  • Kor Plouth was Yana’s long-term girlfriend.
  • Yana and Marda had been brought to Dalna as children after an attack killed their family.
  • “The Mother had arrived several years before.”
  • The Children are looking for a Force dagger that can remove the Living Force from someone with one cut.
  • Evereni have grown to not trust anyone.
  • Kor’s father had shorn headtresses because of an incident in his youth. He’d come to Dalna when he was “still very young.”

Chapter 4:

  • The Children of the Path had docked with the Port Authority on Hynestia for “two days.”
  • The super volcanoes on Dalna had been quiet for “over a century.”
  • There were refugees from Eiram and E’ronoh on Dalna.
  • Kevmo uses the Force in front of the Path, and they freak out.

Chapter 5:

  • The Mother rejected Marda’s plea to join the Children “the day before.”
  • Evereni weren’t trusted.
  • Utalir was 9.
  • The honeyglider “attached itself to Simi a few weeks earlier.”

Chapter 6:

  • The Path wasn’t as poor as it used to be.
  • It would only take the Children a few hours before getting to Port Haileap. They’ll be “back in time for the naming.”
  • Kor was acrobatic, a gift that saved them on “more than one occasion.”
  • They can spend no more than two hours on Haileap if they want to be back for the naming.
  • The knife was from the ruins of Moraband.
  • Usually Path members send force sensitive children to Ferdan, but Kor’s father refused to send her.

Chapter 7:

  • Zallah would be “meeting with the town elders tomorrow.”
  • “The Jedi have served and communed with the Force for millennia.”

Chapter 8:

  • The naming ceremony for the kessarine babies occurred at sunsdown.
  • Generations of Path of the Open Hand’s members past had collected the sun opals and placed them in waving Force lines.
  • The Mother spent much of her days on the Gaze Electric.
  • Sachar Rold founded the Path of the Open Hand on Dalna. He was led away from his priesthood in the Guardians of the Whills by a vision of blue light.
  • The Mother had arrived as a refugee, until she had a vision of blue light.
  • Jerid is 11.
  • Marda never likes anyone, but she liked the Jedi she met.
  • “It was dark. Well into the evening.”
  • Marda currently doesn’t have a secured place on the Gaze Electric, whenever that will be ready to fly.
  • Marda invites Kevmo to the Path of the Open Hand compound.

Chapter 9:

  • Kor and Yana have spoken of leaving Dalna “for months.”
  • The Mother’s cottage used to be a weequay woman’s who died. She built a tunnel to the caves below after her vision.
  • The Mother had a vision “the previous year” of a treatment for Opari.
  • The Jedi ship arrived the day after the Kessarine’s hatched.

Chapter 10:

  • “There were stories that the San Tekkas were the best Pathfinders the Republic had.
  • The San Tekkas are rumored to have just charted a path to a new paradise planet.
  • The Grafs were the San Tekkas rivals by 382 BBY.
  • Refugees from Eiram and E’ronoh have been flooding into all the neighboring worlds.
  • Sunshine’s ship, the Scupper, was “ancient.”
  • The Mother has a “lost cousin on Jedha.”

Chapter 11:

  • The day after the kessarine naming.
  • The Jedi in general are in the Outer Rim to make their presence known, introduce themselves to the locals, and let others know they can be trusted and called upon to help.
  • “The Path has been here for over a hundred years.”
  • The Mother came to us “a handful of years ago.” Her vision has “revitalized the Path in recent years.”

Chapter 12:

  • Aris Ade was an “ancient” human woman.
  • Zallah Macri “couldn’t be much older than the Mother.”
  • Marda had been there since she “was very little.” She doesn’t remember anything before that.
  • Kevmo hadn’t heard of Evereni.
  • Kevmo lost his birth family, before he could remember them.
  • The flowers fall in the day and rebud in the evening, every day during Spring and Summer.

Chapter 13:

  • Next day, after Jedi visit the Path.
  • “This time of year the rains were likely to last days, if not weeks.”
  • Kor and Yana have spoken of leaving the Path “for the past 5 years, since 15 is the age of choosing.”
  • The Mother is giving Marda false hope.
  • Nobody ever forgot the Evereni, once they say them.
  • The Jedi are thinking of building an outpost on Dalna.
  • “There are far larger planets without an outpost.”
  • The Mother claims it’s not a good time for Kor to leave Opari, Kor’s birth mother.
  • The path lands were flooding.

Chapter 14:

  • Rains were a “planetary phenomenon,” happening once every few months, and lasting 3 days.
  • The Jedi decided to spend a day of quiet contemplation inside the inn.
  • Marda visited them.
  • The rains are especially bad this season. Flooding in the basin.
  • Kevmo had been in a flood before.

Chapter 15:

  • A few days earlier and Marda wouldn’t be questioning her faith in the Force.
  • A year before there had been a rockslide at the volcano.
  • Marda had washed birthing fluid off the kessarine only days earlier.
  • Kevmo saves the Kessarines using the Force.

Chapter 16:

  • It had taken “nearly 3 days” for the water to recede from the caves.
  • Yana is planning on missing the “thanking feast.”
  • The Mother had a vision of the Graf compound during the flood.

Chapter 17:

  • The Path’s guards were used to Sunshine Dobbs’ comings and goings.
  • Sunshine was a gambler ever since he left his home on Iriadu.
  • Sunshine had met Jedi before.
  • The Rod of Daybreak used to be held in a museum for pilgrims on Jedha. It was locked up after the Rod of Seasons was stolen on Hynestia.
  • Sunshine had once seen an Evereni girl tear into someone viciously.

Chapter 18:

  • “It had been 3 days since the flood.”
  • “It had been good” with Marda, “for a couple of days.”
  • Some Jedi scholars think the Temple on Jedha was once a Jedi temple. Now it’s home to many adherents of the Force.
  • The day before Kevmo told them of the diverting of the sharks on tiikae.
  • It had been the worst flood in recent memory, likely some 200 years.
  • The children were going away the next day on the job to the Graf compound.
  • The Jedi would be stuck on Dalna at least a week.

Chapter 19:

  • Night had fallen.
  • After the feast, it was made known that they would go hungry, but thanks to a benefactor, they’d be safe through the summer and winter.
  • The Mother has been preparing “for months.”

Chapter 20:

  • The Path had cared for Yana “most of her life.”
  • Treze’ sister had left the Path, the only one Yana had ever seen.
  • “She would do what Evereni had done for centuries: simply disappear without a trace.”
  • Pamalonia Graf is marrying a shipping heir from Coruscant.
  • When they were little, Yana and Marda shared a bunk, as the rest of the Path were scared of Evereni.
  • The Hutts had tried to sell them into slavery before the Path stepped in.

Chapter 21:

  • Kevmo and Marda share their first kiss.
  • The Children aren’t expected back “for several days.”

Chapter 22:

  • “The next day, Yana and the Children would return from their current mission.”
  • Marda had spent “every hour of the past 3 days” working on her pitch to bring the Path to the Convocation on Jedha.
  • The Mother doesn’t want The Path on Jedha at this time. They reject Marda’s offer. The Mother claimed “I do not want,” instead of the Force. This was the first time Marda noticed her slipping up.

Chapter 23:

  • The Right of Hospitality was a centuries-old tradition on Thelj, offering travelers 1 hour of hospitality.
  • The entire trip would take only 3 days total. A day and a half there. A day and a half back from Thelj to Dalna.
  • Jacinda Graf was off planet for at least a month.
  • “The Grafs were known as a ruthless Hyperspace prospecting clan.”
  • “We’ve been talking about leaving the Path and Dalna for years.”
  • Fuel is “still expensive” thanks to the Eiram and E’ronoh war.
  • Thelj had been settled as a potential colony of the Republic “nearly 3 centuries earlier.” But the sun went dark, collapsing. The cold killed all the original settlers.
  • Treze is killed, and Kor is immobilized after they’re mission is betrayed.
  • Yana couldn’t remember the last time she cried. But it had been a “long time”.
  • Kor was dead.
  • Sunshine Dobbs betrayed them.

Chapter 24:

  • It was late morning.
  • The Jedi have no departure date. “It will take a few days at least.”
  • Yana will be back today. Marda spoke with the Mother the afternoon before.
  • That morning, the Republic released information on Sunshine Dobbs’ criminal record.
  • “We’re going in, tonight.”

Chapter 25:

  • Yana wants to kill the Mother.
  • “It had been two years since they’ve had a path funeral. Longer since it had been someone” as young as Kor or Treze.
  • Marda will leave with Yana off Dalna.

Chapter 26:

  • The Mother claims the Jedi’s “abuse of the Force will someday cause a reckoning.”
  • Inside the Mother’s orb was a creature that has the same effect as the leveler in the Phase 1 books. It calcifies Zallah Macri in an instant.

Chapter 27:

  • Kevmo was 3 or 4 years old when he was brought to the Jedi temple.

Chapter 28:

  • Marda had wanted to travel away from Dalna since before these past 2 weeks.
  • She left the cell which “she had lived most of her life.”
  • Marda writes a handwritten letter because she didn’t have a datapad.
  • Kevmo Zink died a slow, painful death before turning to stone.

Chapter 29:

  • The Herald’s past was one of violence before coming to the Path.
  • The creature by the Mother’s side was nearly the size of a charhound.
  • The Gaze electric isn’t finished, but it’s spaceworthy.
  • “This creature is called the leveler.”
  • Sunshine claims there are more levelers on a planet deep in wild space.
  • The Gaze has only been through hyperspace a handful of times.
  • Whether the hatchling takes a year or a hundred, the Path will wait until it’s ready to unleash it on the Jedi.
  • The leveler chooses Yana as its champion.

Chapter 30:

  • Marda, seeing the act of the Force, has her faith strengthened. She is open to joining the Mother on the Gaze Electric.

Chapter 31:

  • Mother sends Sunshine to Jedha to prepare for their arrival.

Chapter 32:

  • Kor said she wanted to spend the first year off Dalna “on a hauler of some kind, just seeing the galaxy.”
  • Treze had a baby on the way.
  • Yana and the Herald had a plan in place to usurp the Mother when the time was right, and to put Marda in her place.
  • Marda wears Kevmo’s lightsaber around her ribs now.

Chapter 33:

  • Azlin Rell visits the abandoned settlement of the Path of the Open Hand on Dalna.
  • It was “2 months into this tour of the outer rim,” (possibly contradicting what’s said in Chapter 1).
  • He was on his way to Jedha when he got the call to check in on Zallah and Kevmo. “There had been no contact with them for days.”
  • Azlin knew about the Path from research.
  • “Two days before” the Path shuttled all their people to the Gaze Electric, which they had been building “for months.”
  • Azlin Rell was alone most of the time.
  • Both Zallah Macri and Kevmo Zink’s lightsabers are missing.