The High Republic: Out of the Shadows

(Novel by Justina Ireland)

231 BBY


  • Sylvestri Yarrow used to work for the Byne Guild before it dissolved.
  • M227 is over 200 years old.
  • It’s been “just a few months earlier” since Valo.
  • Sylvestri is 18.
  • Sylvestri had spent her whole life on her ship.

Chapter 1:

  • Vern had been sent on many missions “in the past year.”
  • Vernestra Rwoh was 15 when she was Knighted. 16 when she took Imri Canteros as padawan and it’s been a year since that, so Vern is now 17. Clearly 231 BBY.
  • Avar is back to work at Starlight.
  • Imri got a new lightsaber and crystal after Valo, a few months prior to the events in chapter one. Imri lost his original saber “nearly a year before.”
  • “In the last couple of weeks” since Valo, Jedi have been on edge.
  • Reath is just coming in from his mission on the ruins of Genetia.
  • Vern hasn’t seen Stellan since Valo.

Chapter 2:

  • “In the past year,” since the Amaxine Station.
  • Continuity error: Reath Silas was friends with Imri in Into the Dark, so it’s strange that they don’t know each other here.
  • Reath is 18.

Chapter 3:

  • Kara Xoo is the latest Tempest Runner.

Chapter 4:

  • Syl had dated her ex for “months.”
  • Chancey Yarrow, Syl’s mother, has been presumed dead for “a few months.”
  • The Grafs financed Starlight Beacon. They gained their wealth “a generation before” as hyperspace prospectors.

Chapter 5:

  • Imri has grown a crush on Avar in the “past few weeks” since Valo.
  • Vern has not had her Hyperspace dreams since making Knight.
  • Avar is planning a mission that she needs every available Jedi for, and is butting heads with Stellan.
  • Vernestra has gotten very proficient at the light whip in the past year.
  • Tomorrow Imri and Vern head to Coruscant.

Chapter 7:

  • The last time Imri was on Coruscant was when Master Douglas took him on as a padawan, which retcons his being on Coruscant in Into the Dark.

Chapter 10:

  • Historically, the Jedi fighting the Republic’s battles hasn’t gone well, specifically the massacre on Dalna long ago.
  • “More than a year earlier, the Legacy Run… had been destroyed in hyperspace.”
  • For “many months” after the Great Disaster (contradicting the 30-day line from Lina Soh in Light of the Jedi), it was thought the hyperspace disaster was an issue with the Hyperspace lanes until it was discovered the Nihil were behind it.
  • There have been thousands of years of hyperspace prospecting and analysis.
  • Force Prophecy was a skill usually discovered early on in a Jedi.
  • The town on Tiikae was settled 75 years ago, thanks to the San Tekkas.

Chapter 11:

  • Xylan Graf is 22, and was gifted the building he lives in at the age of 18.
  • “A few hundred years ago,” the Grafs weren’t rich, until they went into Hyperspace Prospecting.

Chapter 12:

  • The San Tekkas founded Tiikae “nearly a century ago.”
  • The past year has been a war zone.
  • A comet came through a couple decades ago, destroying the nearby hyperspace lane.
  • The vollka named Remy was discovered by an “adventurous” San Tekka over a century ago.

Chapter 13:

  • People in the outer rim still whispered about the horrific role the Grafs played in the Hyperspace Rush “more than a hundred years earlier.”

Chapter 14:

  • “The answers to our current troubles are so often found in the writing of those from the past.”

Chapter 15:

  • The Jedi v Sith painting in the Jedi Temple was gifted by the Republic after their efforts with the Great Disaster “last year.”
  • The painting was made 200 years ago by the Jedi artist Sherche La Plenn.
  • Yaddle was on sabbatical on the planet Kronk (Yoda’s homeplanet?).
  • Jedi Emerick Caphtor exits Stellan’s office and is likely heading to Vrant Tarnum (Trail of Shadows #1).
  • The last time Vern was on Coruscant, Rana Kant was still alive.
  • There was a theory that Jedi were the first to jump to hyperspace, using only the Force.
  • The puzzle cubes used to be “popular a hundred or so years ago”

Chapter 16:

  • The San Tekkas used to own the rights to the Berenge Sector, but relinquished them “years ago.”

Chapter 17:

  • The Mari San Tekka holovid was over a hundred years old, from right after she went missing. Mari’s going missing was one of the biggest mysteries about a hundred years ago, after the hyperspace rush. There were several attempts on the girl’s life before she vanished.

Chapter 18:

  • “The Grafs have not undertaken prospecting in decades.”

Chapter 20:

  • Jordanna Sparkburn is 20, two years older than Syl.

Chapter 23:

  • Chancey Yarrow has been presumed dead for a “few months.”

Chapter 25:

  • Xylan Graf thinks the trip will last “a very boring couple of weeks.”
  • The San Tekka lease on the Berenge Sector expired 2 decades ago.
  • The Grafs bought a shipyard on Corellia a decade ago.

Chapter 26:

  • Jordanna and Syl have been apart no more than 6 months.
  • Vernestra is a year younger than Sylvestri Yarrow.
  • The San Tekka’s as of at the very least a month or so ago (but likely much longer) are now very into the Church of the Force.

Chapter 28:

  • The incident on the Amaxine Station was “the year before.”

Chapter 29:

  • The Grafs have been tracking Nihil movement since before the Legacy Run disaster.
  • The pictures of Stellan cradling Lina Soh had been all over the holos for weeks.

Chapter 30:

  • The Everbloom, the Graf space station, has had work done on it for the past 100 years.

Chapter 31:

  • It’s been a “few short days” since meeting Xylan.
  • Chancey Yarrow had been presumed dead “for the last 6 months.”

Chapter 32:

  • Jordanna has been fighting the Nihil for a while on Tiikae.
  • The Grafs have been contacting the Nihil for “the past year or so” since the Legacy Run disaster.

Chapter 33:

  • The last time Syl was this angry at her mother Chancey was when she was 12 and her mother refused to let her go to Zeltros for a festival.
  • When Syl was 13 (5 years prior) she spent a year with Lourna Dee.
  • “About a year ago, she told me of an Oracle”… The timeline here is off by a whole year, as Lourna Dee only learned this information shortly before the events at Valo, just weeks prior (as per The Rising Storm).

Chapter 34:

  • The Berenge Sector was the original home of the San Tekkas, who were nomads.
  • Jordanna tells Vern about the history of the San Tekkas and Mari San Tekka.

Chapter 37:

  • Jordanna again tells Vernestra who Mari San Tekka is, 3 chapters removed from the last infodump, literally on the same day.
  • Mari San Tekka dies.

Chapter 38:

  • Elzar was previously in a temple on Dubrovia.

Chapter 39:

  • Lourna Dee is presumed to be the Eye of the Nihil, and her ship can be tracked thanks to its Graf manufacturing.

Chapter 40:

  • Reference to Xylan Graf having Maz Kanata as a friend.

Chapter 41:

  • Thanks to Chancey Yarrow’s experimentation with Mari San Tekka, the Graf’s now hate the capability to create a better gravity well projector.