The High Republic: Light of the Jedi

(Novel by Charles Soule)

232 BBY

Chapter 1:

  • Legacy Run explosion is 3 hrs before impact on Hetzal.
  • Captain Hedda Casset had 4 decades of flight experience.
  • Legacy Run (Byne Guild) was twice Hedda Casset’s age, over a century old.
  • Was supposed to be a multi day journey.
  • Hedda walks around for an hour.

Chapter 2:

  • 2.5 hours to impact.
  • Monitoring station atomized.

Chapter 3:

  • 2 hours to impact.
  • On Hetzal something was always in season.
  • System wide evac. “This is Jedi Master Avar Kris. Help is on the way.”

Chapter 4:

  • 90 mins to impact.
  • Avar Kriss is 3 decades or so.
  • The Jedi are coming from the enclave from Starlight beacon.

Chapter 5:

  • 80 mins to impact.
  • Bell Zettifar has been training for 15 of his 18 years to become a Jedi.

Chapter 6:

  • 75 mins to impact.
  • The longbeam was a new design from Hosnian Prime.

Chapter 7:

  • 70 mins to impact. Under 30 mins to impact on moon.

Chapter 8:

  • 65 mins to impact.
  • Elzar Mann is still a Jedi Knight. Stellan, Elzar, and Avar grew up together.

Chapter 9:

  • 60 mins to impact.

Chapter 10:

  • 50 mins to impact. 12 mins to impact on moon.

Chapter 11:

  • 40 mins to impact.
  • Avar feels something missing from her awareness.

Chapter 12:

  • 35 mins to impact.

Chapter 13:

  • 30 mins to impact.

Chapter 14:

  • 25 mins to impact.

Chapter 15:

  • 20 mins to impact.

Chapter 16:

  • 10 mins to impact.

Chapter 17:

  • 4 mins to impact.
  • The Jedi move the liquid tibanna.

Chapter 18:

  • First Emergence as the first fragments of the Legacy Run crash into Hetzal.


  • A full day and night pass since the first emergence on Abdalis, when the Nihil attack.
  • A year ago very few ppl knew who the Nihil were, but in the past few months they made a name for themselves.

Chapter 19:

  • Monument Plaza is the last place on Coruscant where the original topography could be seen. Many generations of city planners chose to keep the peak in place.
  • Some time has passed, several days probably. Starlight Beacon dedication is in 30 days. 14 emergences so far.

Chapter 20:

  • 18 emergences have now occurred.

Chapter 21:

  • Lourna Dee is about 40 years old.
  • Marchion Ro’s family had some history with the Jedi.

Chapter 22:

  • Ron Blithe, the young boy from Elphrona is 13. Bee, young girl, is 9.
  • Porter Engle has been in the Jedi Order over 300 years.
  • Starlight Beacon is only a few weeks away from dedication. Soh has a whole network of Beacons in her plans.

Chapter 23:

  • Another emergence. Unnumbered.
  • The San Tekka’s made their fortune a century or so ago, prospecting hyperspace. Mari San Tekka was “beyond ancient.”

Chapter 24:

  • Marchion Ro had owned the Gaze Electric “for a very long time.” And his father before him. They had no homeworld, had left it long ago.
  • Mari San Tekka had been alive for well over a century. Marchion had been used to her unique paths since he was a child.
  • At 6 years old, Mari began prospecting. Something changed in her mind and she saw hyperspace differently.

Chapter 26:

  • 21 emergences.
  • Burryaga was in his prime growing years.
  • Burryaga thinks the young boy he meets is 10.

Chapter 28:

  • 3 emergences in the Iriadu system. 1.2 billion die on iriadu’s biggest moon.

Chapter 29:

  • Keven Tarr creates a navigation array that predicts when the Emergences will surface in the future, but this is after Kassav Miliko shows up at Iriadu.
  • 33 emergences have occurred up to this point.

Chapter 30:

  • Porter Engle had been a Jedi for “nearly 3 centuries.”
  • Bell Zettifar is only 18.

Chapter 31:

  • 39th emergence.
  • Currently Joss and Pikka Adren should be on vacation.
  • 40th emergence.
  • Te Ami dies.

Interlude. The Council:

  • Jora Malli’s last vote on the council.
  • Reath Silas is 17.
  • The Jedi waged war against the Sith in the past.
  • There were times in the past when the Order was brought down to only a handful of members.
  • Newest member of the Council was a Mon Cal chosen by Yoda to take his seat while he took his sabbatical.

Chapter 36:

  • The Battle of Kur begins. Kassav outnumbered.

Chapter 37:

  • Jora Malli’s saber is white, taken from an ancient Sith light spear and healed it.
  • Jora Malli dies in the Battle of Kur.

Chapter 39:

  • Loden Greatstorm taken by the Nihil.
  • Lourna Dee got a nerve toxin recipe from a prisoner on Nar Shadar.

Chapter 40:

  • The Nihil lose the Battle of Kur.

Chapter 42:

  • Lina Soh reopens hyperspace lanes, creates a tax incentive for a month or so.
  • Starlight Beacon will open on time.

Chapter 43:

  • Ro has a new mask. Marchion tells the Nihil they’re going galaxy-wide and that they need more members.
  • Marchion’s family trusted the Jedi once and it cost them greatly.

Chapter 44:

  • Starlight Beacon complete. Not a day early. Not a day late.
  • Elzar Mann elevated to master.
  • Imri is now Vernestra Rwoh’s padawan.
  • Dedication of Starlight Beacon. They don’t know who is going to take over Starlight Beacon now that Jora Mali is dead.


  • Avar made Master “a few years ago”.
  • Avar and Elzar haven’t discussed events together in many years ago.
  • Avar is given the Starlight Beacon.
  • Elzar is given a vision of doom.