The High Republic: Into the Dark

(Novel by Claudia Gray)

232 BBY


  • Past few decades have seen the latest building boom on Coruscant.
  • Reath has traveled less than most padawans his age. Master is Jora Malli. RIP.
  • An hour after the pirate chase she tells them of their new placing on Starlight Beacon. The assignment will take years. Her first padawan before Reath had craved endless adventure.

Chapter 1:

  • Reath learned Gatalentan meditation before 20 years old, the first Jedi in decades.
  • Starlight almost operational. Master Jora had left for Starlight “weeks before.”
  • Reath Silas knows Imri, which later contradicts the characters being introduced to one another in ‘Out of the Shadows.’
  • Vernestra has been knighted already.
  • Reath was late to his departure, but was the first there.
  • Dez Rydan was Jora Mali’s former apprentice. He passed his knight trials 8 years previously (244 BBY).
  • Orla Jareni recently became a Wayseeker. Orla and Cohmac know each other.
  • Young girl might be slightly older than Reath. Affie Hollow.
  • Byne Guild’s first ever trip to Coruscant.
  • In the past year alone Reath gained 12cm in height.

Chapter 2:

  • Cohmac and Orla experienced something 25 odd years ago in a cave.
  • Padawan braids used to be mandatory.
  • Something’s wrong with hyperspace travel following the first Emergence (in Light of the Jedi)

Chapter 3:

  • Affie is 17.
  • The Legacy Run was a Byne Guild ship.
  • The Vessel pulls out of hyperspace at an Amaxine station.
  • Thousands die in Legacy Run disaster.
  • 25 years earlier flashback. Orla’s master is Larret.

Chapter 4:

  • The frontier is joining the Republic.
  • Nihil have been around a while, but became dangerous a few years ago.
  • Nan looks to be 16.
  • This was the first time that Reath was excited since Coruscant.
  • Amaxine’s left the galaxy when the Republic came around. The station was visited recently though.

Chapter 5:

  • They board the station after saving Nan’s ship.
  • They find ancient Sith statues.
  • There are materials from the Byne Guild recently left there.

Chapter 6:

  • Affie had never physically written anything down. It’s a rare and archaic practice.
  • One line of text she found on the Station was from 6 years back. Another was from 32 years prior. All was from the recent era.
  • Cohmac Vitus and Orla Jareni have a dark side vision.

Chapter 7:

  • Nan is kidnapped. Reath saves her.

Chapter 8:

  • Master Simex is one with the force (25 years ago).
  • “Many days into their stay on the Amaxine Station.”
  • “A few days ago” reath wouldn’t have believed he could learn anything from Leox.

Chapter 9:

  • Dez’ last posting was on Zytooine.
  • The Iram/Errino Hostage Crisis 25 years prior was influential in the building of Starlight Beacon.

Chapter 10:

  • Affie found markings of her parents from about a decade ago.
  • Dez is presumed dead.

Chapter 11:

  • Nan’s parents died well, 2 years ago.
  • They get word from Coruscant, time to go back home.

Chapter 12:

  • A few days have passed since the news that the hyperspace lanes were reopened.
  • The Jedi bind the statues.
  • Leox and Geode have carried cursed idols on the Vessel before.

Chapter 13:

  • They leave the station.
  • Affie was 14 when she started training to replace her adoptive mother.
  • Affie has been on The Vessel for “2 years and change.”

Chapter 14:

  • Orla takes the statues to the “Shrine in the Depths.” Its a vergence.
  • The Jedi and Sith during the Old Republic used to fight for these vergences. This one was controlled by the Sith first, but the Jedi have controlled it for thousands of years.
  • The Battle of Kur has already happened. Jora Malli is dead.
  • Sskeer met Reath when he was assigned to Jora Malli at Starlight.

Chapter 15:

  • Some days before the Hyperspace Lanes will be fully reopened.
  • Reath and a newly Knighted Dez once shared a council meeting 3 years prior.
  • The Nihil are confirmed responsible for the Legacy Run disaster.

Chapter 16:

  • After “several days” of seeing the Amaxine coordinates on her dash… Affie’s parents were indentured and died on the Amaxine station.

Chapter 17:

  • A few weeks ago, it would have been welcome for Reath not to go to the frontier.
  • It was a mistake to wait until the last day of their stay on the station to bind the Force relics.

Chapter 18:

  • They head back to station. Orla finds the hidden spice aboard the Vessel.
  • There in under an hour.

Chapter 19:

  • Reath is sent into hyperspace.
  • Nan has remained on station.
  • Reath is introduced to Drengir.

Chapter 20:

  • Dez has been there for days.
  • The Drengir have been on the station for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, meaning they have an incredible lifespan.

Chapter 21:

  • The Nihil are “poor no longer.”

Chapter 22:

  • Reath comes back to station with Dez, when the Nihil attack.
  • Dez was a prisoner for several days. Drengir attack station.

Chapter 24:

  • 25 years ago the Hutts had hoped the Directorate would fail so their plans could go into affect.
  • Hutts are now (232 BBY) the only major crime syndicate in outer rim.

Chapter 25:

  • They make their way back to Coruscant.
  • Future rogue efforts for the 3 Jedi would be punished worse, but they’re let off lightly.

Chapter 26:

  • Dez takes the Barish Vow tomorrow.
  • The day after they arrived back on Coruscant, Affie told republic officials about the Byne Guild, and by midday they were cataloguing every ship. Affie now owns the Vessel.
  • Orla buys the ship Lightseeker.
  • “Weeks later Starlight Beacon went online.” It was because of the events 25 years prior that Starlight was placed where it’s placed.