The High Republic (2022): Balance of the Force

Issue #1: Balance of the Force, Chapter I: The Pilgrim Moon

c. 382 BBY

Jedi Master Vildar Mac is plagued by nightmares of a man who tormented his family on Kiffex when he was roughly 4 years old, before being taken to the Jedi Order. Now, 51 years later, he is sent by the Order to aid on Jedha. He’s met by Matthea “Matty”Cathley, a padawan of Master Leebon.

In the market, they become embroiled in an altercation between different Force sects. After failing to stop a thief named Tey Sirrek, Vildar finds himself in the middle of it all. Tarna Miak comes and stops the violence, though Vildar briefly thinks it’s the man who brutalized his family in his youth.

Later, in the Shrine of Sarrav, they investigate a stolen relic. They find Tey Sirrek there, who uses the Force to stop Vildar Mac’s heart.

  • The timeline page places The Book of Boba Fett before the Mandalorian, disregarding the fact that the events in BoBF occur after the events in season 2 of Mandalorian.
  • Vildar Mac “had only been 4 years old” when he was taken by the Jedi Order.
  • Vildar had been with the Jedi for 51 years.
  • The Sarkan woman was only staying on Jedha for a few days.
  • A holy relic’s been stolen, the Screen of the Second Sight, from the Shrine of Sarrav. It’s been there for centuries. It was noticed missing “early this morning.”
  • The Jedi governed Jedha “a long time ago.”
  • This is the Eve of the Festival of Balance (according to the Convocation).
  • Religious artifacts have been going missing all over the city for months.
  • Vildar Mac is killed by use of morichro, a Force ability that can stop one’s heart.

Peace and Unity:

382 BBY (After Path of Deceit)

A young Jedi is called upon to mediate at the Convocation on Jedha. When she arrives it’s chaos with nearly all parties at each other’s necks on the basis of whether “The Yacombe,” a Force sect, should be allowed to join them. The Yacombe, the only peaceable participants, decide to rescind their application to the Convocation. Radicaz Dobbs shows up to greet the Convocation and introduce them to the Path of the Open Hand.

  • There were once four giant Jedi statues that lined Jedha’s holy city, but only 1 now remains.
  • The Yacombe “renounced their allegiance to the Dark path generations ago.”
  • Radicaz “Sunshine” Dobbs shows up on behalf of the the Path of the Open Hand (tying in with Path of Deceit).