Tales of the Jedi

Anthology Series

Life and Death

36-35 BBY

  • Ahsoka Tano is born (0:47), pegging this scene to 36 BBY. Ahsoka Tano was said to be born 36 years before A New Hope according to ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Character Encyclopedia – Join the Battle!’
  • Pav-ti calls the baby “Ahsoka.” (2:08)
  • “Nak-il, it is custom.” (2:58) “In old days.”
  • “Pav-ti. Off on a hunt? Has it been more than a year already?” (3:50) “It has, Gantika.” This scene marks the rest of the episode as 35 BBY.
  • “You must face death, Ahsoka.” (8:19)
  • “We never take more than we need.” (9:24) While bringing a Togruta child on a hunt is customary, their witnessing death firsthand isn’t the only purpose of the hunt.
  • The sabertooth takes Ahsoka. (11:21)
  • Ahsoka’s first documented use of the Force: she persuades or soothes the sabertooth’s emotions. (13:08)
  • “We will go out in force. We will not stop until we find her.” (13:39)
  • Ahsoka comes riding in on the beast. (13:58)
  • “Jedi. Ahsoka is Jedi.” (15:48)


c. 63-60 BBY (?)

  • We see our first look at a young Qui-Gon Jinn. (0:39) According to Master & Apprentice, Qui-Gon became Dooku’s apprentice at age 12. He was 40 years old in that book, which occurred in 40 BBY, meaning that when Qui-Gon was 12 it was 68 BBY. He appears to be between 17 and 20 years of age in this short, making this circa 63-60 BBY.
  • “We’ll be arriving shortly, Master.” (0:42)
  • Qui-Gon does not have a Padawan braid. (2:05)
  • Senator Dagonet “is one of the longest-standing senators in the Republic.” (3:55)
  • “Yes, and when you entered this village you could see the effects of his long-standing policies.” (4:00)
  • “Perhaps in the beginning Senator Dagonet was a good person and had the interests of the people in mind, but now?” (4:19)
  • The whole village is culpable in the kidnapping. (4:44) “They all are.”
  • Dagonet’s son “rarely” leaves the capital. (6:05) When he does, he goes to Coruscant.
  • “I’m afraid our investigation is not yet complete, Senator.” (7:25)
  • “No, we serve the people of this Republic.” (8:15)
  • Master Dooku succumbs to his Dark Side impulses and Force chokes Senator Dagonet. (10:08)
  • Senator Dagonet’s son promises to end the villagers’ suffering. (11:37)
  • “Well then, you’re a much wiser man than I, Qui-Gon Jinn.” (12:46) “Thanks to your teachings.” This leads me to assume they’ve been working together for at least several years.


c. 48 BBY (?)

  • “You’ve been studying that tablet for a long time.” (0:40) Dooku hopes to discover what became of Master Katri.
  • Aurebesh on the tablet reads “Master Katri.” (1:20)
  • “Since we are not members of the Council, we cannot involve ourselves in local political skirmishes.” (1:21)
  • Dooku and Windu arrive on Raxus Secundus. (2:08)
  • Master Katri “was well respected and will be missed.” (2:36)
  • Senator Larik was at his residence in Coruscant when he was contacted by the Raxus Secundus rebels. (2:55) He decided to return to Raxus.
  • “We responded to the Senator’s distress signal. By the time we arrived it was too late to save Master Katri.” (3:50)
  • Autumnal foliage, though we don’t know that this is indicative of the exact time within the Galactic Standard year. (4:24)
  • “For a Jedi to succumb to a surprise attack is rare, unless that attack is from someone one would trust.” (6:11)
  • “The guards killed her.” (6:31) Larik says this before being shot in the back.
  • Master Larik was using his Senate seat to become rich. (7:48) He was “bleeding Raxus dry.”
  • Dooku is already beginning his apostasy of the Jedi teachings. (9:10) “Your ideology, while faulty, does have its points.”
  • The funeral of Master Katri. (11:01)
  • “Master Katri was patient with younglings and Jedi who questioned themselves relentlessly. She was with the Force. It flowed with certainty through her.” (11:12)
  • “I am told you will be presented with Master Katri’s Council seat.” (11:56) “I will.” “Is this something you knew was happening before we left from Raxus?” “I was as surprised as you are now. Dooku, you and I both were together when the mission was assigned.” It’s unclear when on the Timeline Windu was brought onto the Jedi Council. In Legends he was 28 years old. Being that he was born in 72 BBY according to the ‘Star Wars Encyclopedia.’ That would make that 44 BBY, but in Master & Apprentice Windu is depicted as on the council in a Flashback dating back to 48 BBY.

The Sith Lord

32 BBY, Concurrent with The Phantom Menace

  • Despite being one of ‘the Lost,’ Dooku is allowed access to the Jedi Temple (0:37), in the hopes that one day he will return (as per ‘Padawan’). He left the Order in 42 BBY (as per ‘The Star Wars Book’).
  • Dooku enters the security clearance code of the late Sifo-Dyas to enter the Jedi archives (1:14), meaning that he no longer has archival access as one of the Lost, or that he’s simply covering his tracks. “Code accepted: Master Sifo-Dyas.” (1:20)
  • “Kamino, location deleted.” (1:29) “Kamino archive data deleted.” (1:34)
  • “What’s causing all the excitement, Master Jocasta?” (1:59) “Your apprentice.” “Qui-Gon?” “Yes, It would seem he encountered a Sith Lord.” This places this scene firmly as being concurrent to the events of The Phantom Menace in 32 BBY. Dooku is not surprised by the news of a Sith Lord.
  • “Qui-Gon Jinn always had such an active imagination, as did you, Dooku.” (2:25) Many don’t believe that Qui-Gon has met a Sith Lord, as they’ve been gone from the galaxy for roughly 1000 years. Qui-Gon Jinn was one of very few Jedi who still put any faith in the prophecies of the Force (as per ‘Master & Apprentice’). “A quality valued less and less in these great halls.”
  • Master Yaddle doesn’t use the same speech patterns as Master Yoda. (2:55) This could be because she is half his age, at only 477 years old here.
  • “I encountered a highly skilled warrior, one obviously trained in the Jedi arts.” (3:12) Referring to Maul.
  • “I’ve been warning them of the coming Darkness for years, never to be taken seriously.” (3:30) This could be in reference to ‘Dooku: Jedi Lost,’ where he, Sifo-Dyas, and Sifo’s Master Lene Kostana had become fascinated with the increasing number of Sith artifacts being unearthed.
  • “That’s good, I should like to meet him someday.” (4:13) Dooku has never met Obi-Wan, which explains their unfamiliarity in Attack of the Clones. “You are always singing his praises.”
  • “They grow up so fast, our students.” (4:43)
  • The Jedi temple is partially shaded by darkness after the death of Qui-Gon Jinn (5:27), as opposed to the shot earlier in the short where the dark clouds are only on the horizon. (0:28)
  • “I used to bring Qui-Gon here as a boy. He was fascinated with this tree. Having been born here on Coruscant, a planet of steel and stone, he knew nothing like it.” (5:53)
  • “The Council is leaving for Naboo. The funeral is to be held there.” (6:15) Qui-Gon Jinn has been killed, placing this firmly at the end of The Phantom Menace.
  • “Qui-Gon Jinn has become one with the Force.” (6:35)
  • “You’ve gone too far.” (8:19) Dooku accuses Sidious of having Maul kill his apprentice.
  • “You lost an apprentice and so did I. All in service of our greater goals.” (8:29)
  • “Sifo-Dyas, Kamino, the Clones. I have betrayed everyone and everything I know.” (9:04) This line highlights the fact that Dooku likely hired the Pyke Syndicate to kill Sifo-Dyas on Oba Diah (as per ‘Force Collector’), and was instrumental in the creation of the Clone Army.
  • “Remember what you told me. The Jedi blindly serve a corrupt senate that fails the Republic it represents.” (10:13) This follows the corrupt Senate showcased in the short ‘Justice,’ and the ideology that Dooku began to share of the Jedi Order in the short ‘Choices.’
  • “I stepped down from my position on the Council. You were right about so many things. The Council should have listened.” (11:42)
  • “Master…” (13:06) Dooku pledges fealty to the Dark Side.
  • As Yaddle lifts the door, light shines through, showing perhaps that there is still good in Dooku. (13:11) It blinds Palpatine, but Dooku is still capable of looking into the Light. Until the door falls and he kills the last of the Light he had within him, along with Yaddle. (14:23)

Practice Makes Perfect

22 BBY, 21/20 BBY (?), 19 BBY

  • The skies over the Jedi Temple are clear again, but traffic has become more aggressive. (0:26)
  • Master Sinube tests Ahsoka with training remotes. (0:47)
  • “You’re right on time.” “Oh, really? I thought I was late.” “That’s what I meant.” (0:54)
  • “These are the new training remotes, designed to simulate Battle Droids.” (1:22)
  • Ahsoka wears a bridge between her outfits from seasons 2 and 3. (1:42) She has the midriff exposed, albeit more modestly from the first couple seasons, but the leather arm braces over her biceps of her outfit in seasons 3-5. She also only has one lightsaber, making this scene circa 22-21 BBY.
  • A young Caleb Dume and his master Depa Billaba watch Ahsoka’s test. (1:53)
  • Ima-Gun Di is featured. He dies in 22 BBY in the Clone Wars episode ‘Supply Lines.’ This firmly places this portion of the short in 22 BBY
  • “It’s a lousy test.” “But, it’s what every Jedi does.” “Exactly.” (2:57)
  • “You’re right on time.” “I thought I was late.” “That’s what I mean.” (3:47)
  • Ahsoka begins her first test with the troopers. (4:46) Anakin would have her test constantly after this, and regularly after the fact, until she thought she was ready. What seemed abusive at first turned into a lifesaving exercise in the long run.
  • “I want it to be difficult; this is about life and death.” (6:56)
  • Ahsoka is wearing the new outfit she began sporting in the season 3 episode ‘Heroes on Both Sides.’ (8:05) This scene likely takes place in 21-20 BBY. She has two lightsabers now. (8:21)
  • “Not bad. It took us 5 minutes to knock you out that time.” (8:07) Ahsoka is getting better at dealing with large crowds of troopers firing at her.
  • The final outfit change is in line with the final episodes of Clone Wars season 7, and occurs during the Jedi Purge of 19 BBY. (9:00)
  • “Let’s hope all that training pays off.” (9:11)


19 BBY, 12-5 BBY (?)

  • The funeral of Padmé Amidala. (0:29) 19 BBY.
  • Mon Mothma and Bail Organa attend the procession. (0:46)
  • Ahsoka Tano is also attending the funeral. (0:56)
  • “She was my friend.” – Ahsoka on Padmé. (1:40)
  • “If you need anything you can contact me with this.” (2:14) This contradicts the supposed first meeting of Bail Organa and Ahsoka Tano in the E.K. Johnston novel ‘Ahsoka,’ a year after Revenge of the Sith in 18 BBY. But it must be stated that Bail doesn’t give her a way to communicate with him in ‘Ahsoka,’ so this may be an intentional way to separate the plots of the two stories, despite a number of similarities.
  • “No. I’m tired of fighting.” (2:19)
  • Ahsoka meets Captain Rex on the river to leave Naboo. (3:38)
  • Full moon over Naboo on the night of Padmé’s funeral. (3:55)
  • “I’m just telling you, you gotta hurry up. We’re gonna break for lunch.” (4:51) It’s midday on whichever farming planet this is. The bell rings. (5:06) “BREAK TIME!”
  • Ahsoka wears the mechanic jumpsuit she wore after leaving the Jedi Order and taking up work with Trace and Rafa Martez. (4:52)
  • Ahsoka uses the Force to save the unnamed village sister. (5:39) An event that also happens in ‘Ahsoka,’ but under different circumstances. In the book, she saves a young girl from falling crates, though she’s never discovered.
  • “Ashla, come sit with us.” (6:26) Ashla was the name Ahsoka used on the farming moon of Raada in the ‘Ahsoka’ novel, and the planet Thabeska, though the place and people differ in this short.
  • “No one can keep up with the Imperial quotas. It gets more difficult every season.” (6:44) ‘Season’ in this context sounds like a replacement for ‘year,’ as farming works in annual seasons. It’s likely that many years have passed since the Empire took over.
  • “In the beginning, you all welcomed the Empire.” (6:50) This continues to make it appear as though we are no longer in ‘the beginning’ of the Empire’s dominion over the galaxy.
  • “Not as warmly as you.” (6:53) The old man says this to the younger man, meaning the younger man had to be of an age to make such an informed decision. This means it’s likely years after 19 BBY.
  • The Empire creates order “through persecution.” “Not citizens like us, only Rebels who threaten the Empire.” (6:59) Rebels already exist in some capacity in the Galaxy.
  • Full moon over whichever farming planet Ahsoka’s on. (7:26) Not Raada.
  • “Don’t forget. We’ve got to take the harvest over to Mon-Hella tomorrow.” (7:33)
  • “Master Jedi.” “You shouldn’t say such things.” (7:44)
  • “See you tomorrow.” (8:40) The trip to Mon-Hella and back will take a day.
  • Full moon again. (9:00) Undetermined if this is the following night, or part of the same day.
  • “Prices are so low, they’re bleeding us dry. I couldn’t get half what they offered us last season.” (9:08)
  • An Inquisitor is called to the village. (9:48) It distinctly isn’t the Inquisitor that shows up in ‘Ahsoka,’ who went by the title Sixth Brother. This could be a purposeful distinction from the novel to suggest that they aren’t the same events being showcased in the novel.
  • “You’re supposed to be dead.” (11:04) In the novel, Ahsoka places her lightsabers on a grave with Rex’s uniform to suggest he killed the Jedi and kept her lightsabers as trophies before getting killed himself.
  • “Looks like I shall be rewarded, Ahsoka Tano.” (11:22)
  • Ahsoka kills the Inquisitor. (11:38)
  • Tantive IV lands on the planet. (12:34)
  • “I was beginning to think you lost this. Things have only gotten worse. Are you sure you’re ready to get back into the fight?” (12:58) Ultimately this short feels like it’s between 12 BBY and 5 BBY, but this line makes it seem as if it’s closer to 5 BBY, as the Rebellion really picks up speed. This retcons the possibility that the novel ‘Ahsoka’ can be canon, as she’s already offered her hand to help Organa in that book, so this would be unnecessarily redundant.