Shadow of the Sith

(Novel by Adam Christopher)

21 ABY


  • Luke’s school is in full swing. There’s a dark shadow in the force.
  • Exegol cultists work to enact a plan a “generation in the making.”
  • Lando’s looking for his daughter.

Chapter 1:

  • Rey’s family is 2 days out from Jakku when they believe they’ve been caught. Rey is 6 years old.
  • They were from Hyperkarn, but had spent “years” on Jakku.

Chapter 2:

  • Rey’s family is being tracked, and they’ve been tracked before.
  • New Republic ships save them.
  • “It had been 17 years since the second Death Star had been destroyed over Endor. 17 long years since Dathan’s father,” Palpatine died.
  • “The Battle of Jakku was 16 years ago.”
  • “We are being hunted by the Sith” – most people thought they were long dead.

Chapter 3:

  • “Trapped inside a dark vessel, crafted centuries ago.”
  • The Sith Eternal have not honored their promise.

Chapter 4:

  • Luke’s temple is in the forests of Ossus.
  • Ben Solo is 16 years old.
  • Luke’s been having visions. Lor San Tekka attempts to explain them. Luke had been visiting this world (Exegol) for weeks now in meditation.
  • “We’ve been to a lot of places, Luke. We’ve seen a lot of things.” Luke and Lor adventures?? “The two had spent a lot of time in each other’s company since the Death of the Emperor.”
  • The Jedi purge was “four decades before.”

Chapter 5:

  • Ochi of Bestoon is on a junk moon, alone.
  • Ochi’s daily routine was a 5 km walk all around the junkyard.
  • “Ochi of Bestoon had been looking for Exegol for a long, long time.” He’d been there before. “All those years ago.” He had been there “With Darth Vader himself.” (2020 Darth Vader comic run)
  • Ochi had worked with Qi’ra also in Crimson Dawn. (Crimson Reign comic run)
  • Ochi hunted Jedi during the Clone Wars.
  • Ochi had spent years of research looking for the Sith Wayfinder.
  • Palatine’s voice wants him to find Rey.
  • Sith language, ur-Kittât, banned since Old Republic.

Chapter 6:

  • Lando had been playing Sabaac for “40 years now”
  • He hasn’t found his daughter, Kadara Calrissian, who’s been missing for 6 years now.
  • “She was 2 years old when she was taken.”
  • “It’s been years since Lando had a red dwarf.” A drink.
  • He hadn’t actually been to Boxer Point in years, but came to see if he could find a lead on his daughter.
  • Rumors of kids being enslaved and working for a remnant of the Empire.
  • Lando hadn’t heard the name “Sith” in years.
  • Lando now has a mission.

Chapter 7: (Then)


  • Boy’s been living on Exegol for untold years.
  • Darth Vader is present.
  • The boy is a genetic strandcast of Palpatine that failed to develop Force abilities.
  • “Plagueis. Revan. Noctis. Sanguis.” Names of Sith’s past are chanted.
  • Dathan takes his name from his only “friend” on Exegol.

Chapter 8:

  • Lady Luck was Lando’s pride and joy longer than any other vessel he’d owned.
  • Lando had never heard of Ochi of Bestoon before.
  • Going to contact Luke Skywalker.

Chapter 9:

  • Yoturba dig site, Lor was roughly 40 years older than young archaeologist Beaumont.
  • Archaeologist spent most of a summer grant on this dig site.
  • Yoturba has dangerous seasonal rains.
  • Luke recognizes that they’ve found a Sith holocron.

Chapter 10:

  • Miko had 10 years on the other young archaeologists.
  • The cavern was really an ancient ship landed here untold years ago.

Chapter 11: (Then)

Pre-22 BBY(?) or during the Clone Wars

  • Ochi’d been tracking a Jedi for 5 days. Depa Billaba.
  • This is likely before she had an apprentice in Kanan Jarrus, as her master saw her off on this mission.
  • Mace Windu is Depa Billaba’s master.

Chapter 12:

  • A Tythonian day is long, extra hours of daylight.
  • Luke had studied some of the old holocron he’d found from the Jedi Temple that still survived.
  • Only ever two Sith wayfinders.
  • Seeing Stone used is the one Grogu used in Mando.
  • Luke faces off against 9 wraiths.
  • Anakin Skywalker force ghost appears and saves Luke. 🥺

Chapter 13:

  • Anakin looked a good two decades younger than Luke, likely what he looked like during the Clone Wars.
  • Luke had felt the ancient shadow of the Sith for weeks now.
  • Lando is told to leave Tython immediately.

Chapter 14:

  • Her (Kiza’s) mask was ancient, and crudely beautiful.
  • It had taken months to find this particular Kyber crystal.

Chapter 15:

  • “It had been too long” since Luke saw Lando last.
  • Luke was starting to show gray in his hair.
  • “Palpatine and Vader have been dead 20 years.”
  • Luke helped in the search for Lando’s daughter 6 years ago.

Chapter 16:

  • New Republic bureaucracy beginning to seem like the Empire.
  • “All those years ago” when they went in search for Kadara.

Chapter 17:

  • Dathan and Miramar arrive at Nightside.
  • Hyperkarn was “so many many years ago.”

Chapter 18:

  • Dinah Depearl’s father worked with Anaximander back in the day.

Chapter 19:

  • Miramar is 27.
  • Rey is 6.
  • Dathan is 33.

Chapter 20:

  • Clearance codes from Anaximander from years ago allowed Lady Luck to dock.
  • When Lando first met him, this station was just a mining colony. He’s since expanded his business.

Chapter 21:

  • Lando used to practice his quick draw in front of a mirror, often with lovers present.
  • Lando helped Rey’s family disembark from the station and make their way off.

Chapter 22:

  • Luke is unsurprised the tie-fighter design was still being used.
  • “The robes were worn out and old, like the mask.”
  • “He had spent years now cataloguing relics, artifacts, and antiquities, both of the Jedi Order and those of the Sith.”
  • Darth Noctyss’ lightsaber was curved like a sickle.
  • Luke had searched, alongside Lor, for relics of Noctyss, after a tip that the Acolytes of the Beyond were amassing Sith relics. The Acolytes were no more than a splinter group at that point. Luke had helped one Acolyte free herself from the cult.

Chapter 23:

  • The Empire was a “20 year reign of darkness.”

Chapter 24:

  • Ochi had used the Droid Crush of Bestoon “all those years ago.”

Chapter 25:

  • “Lando had spent 6 years in a personal hell.”
  • TIE Defender “never went into mainstream service with the empire.”
  • Lando relates a story he remembers about Darth Momin’s mask.

Chapter 29:

  • There’s a darkness Luke is still fighting within.

Chapter 31:

  • Dathan learned a lot when he worked the Sunscooper. Visited many places.

Chapter 32:

  • The acolyte of the beyond Luke had helped is now living a life of penance.

Chapter 33:

  • Enric Pryde knew the Empire would return. He fought as a Captain in the Battle of Jakku.
  • The skeletal leadership of the soon-to-be First Order has finally begun taking shape in the outer regions.
  • The Moffs are all dead in 21 ABY.
  • Enric gave up death sticks “years ago.”

Chapter 34: (Then)

14 ABY

  • He’d been on Hyperkarn for a season. Dathan ditched the Sunscooper at Volta.
  • Miramir was 20, Dathan 26, by their count.

Chapter 34: (NOW)

  • Dathan and Miramir make a plan to hide Rey until they’re ready to come back for her.

Chapter 35:

  • Lor San Tekka and Lena Graff are amicable members of former rival families, both of which were renowned for their work in mapping hyperspace lanes.
  • It had been “a few years” since Luke saw Komat.
  • During one of the last battles of the Galactic Civil War, there was a Mon Cala warship that crashed on Komat’s planet.
  • Every quarter, Komat’s droid leaves to sell the farmed radiation.

Chapter 37:

  • Kiza is supposed to be dead.

Chapter 38:

  • Miramir lived on Jakku for 5 years, the longest time for them outside of Hyperkarn.
  • “A great battle had been fought years ago” on Jakku.
  • They had come to respectful terms with Unkar Plutt in that time.
  • The pirates attacked them only “days ago”

Chapter 39:

  • Kiza was born to Pantoran exiles.
  • Kiza claimed to have Force visions before the Acolytes brought her on.
  • Ancient Sith known as Exim Panshard is behind the ancient Darkness.
  • Yupe Tashu gave Kiza the mask of Viceroy Exim Panshard 15 years ago.

Chapter 42:

  • Komat’s droid, KB68, was found after it guarded the dead body of its former master for years.
  • “Kiza lost her way many years ago.”

Chapter 49:

  • The reign of Viceroy Exim Panshard. He was the first Sith to seek to cheat death.

Chapter 50:

  • Kiza is killed in battle, after repeated attempts by Luke to save her. The mask of Exim Panshard is lost.

Chapter 51:

  • Kiza had called that asteroid her home for “years”.

Chapter 52:

  • The mask, now studded with red Kyber shards, takes over Kiza’s dead body.

Chapter 54:

  • Ochi hunted Jedi for the Emperor after the purge, as well as during the Clone Wars.

Chapter 57:

  • “All those years ago” Luke helped purify Komat’s lightsaber from red to white.

Chapter 59:

  • Dathan claims they’ll be back before the end of the season.
  • Pasana is the planet Unkar tells Dathan would be a good place to lose someone.

Chapter 60:

  • Lando had struggled with thoughts of self worth for the past 6 years.
  • “Calrissian Chronicles, chapter 73.”

Chapter 61:

  • Ochi of Bestoon finds and kills Rey’s parents on Jakku.

Chapter 63:

  • Ochi of Bestoon dies in the sands of Pasana.

Chapter 64:

  • Neftali, in the old days, was used for smuggling goods and gang meetups under the caves.

Chapter 65:

  • “The disturbance in the force was gone.”
  • Luke had been back to his Jedi Temple a single day.

Chapter 66:

  • “A week of total rest” did Lando good.
  • Nikka had been a commander in the Bespin Wing Guard when Lando was Baron Administrator.