Han Solo & Chewbacca

The Crystal Run, Part One

Collects Issues #1-5

Issue #1: The Crystal Run, Part I

c. 2 BBY (?)

After finishing a job on the Casino Planet of Galator III with Khel Tanna (and stranding her crew there), Jabba sends Han Solo and Chewbacca to Corellia alongside Greedo. They need to retrieve an urn from the safe of Augustus Graves, the CEO of the Corellian Engineering Corporation. While gathering intel on Corellia at a local bar, Han happens to stumble on his old man, named Ovan.

Meanwhile a bounty is put on Han by Marshal Buck Vancto. Another bounty hunter is after the million credits Jabba is promising for the urn as well, named Corbus.

  • The first panel throws you off quite a bit, being that Han is frozen in carbonite from 3-4 ABY.
  • Comic occurs before Greedo is killed in A New Hope.
  • “For the past several years” Han and Chewie have been working for Jabba, so this is at the earliest 8 BBY, as they weren’t working for Jabba during Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Issue #2: The Crystal Run, Part II

c. 2 BBY (?)

The issue begins with a flashback to when Han was a child, and Ovan told him to do something more with his life than just a Corellian shipbuilder.

Back to the present, Han is reluctant to trust that Ovan is his father, but eventually warms up to the idea, and lets him help in the smuggling of the urn in the safe of Augustus Graves. The security has been upgraded since Han broke in the first time. The safe, after much trial and error, is found empty, and Greedo has snagged an item from the collection. It has a tracking device, and their plan was made.

  • We see a panel of Savareen, where Han shot Tobias Beckett. It’s labeled “years earlier.”

Issue #3: The Crystal Run, Part III

c. 2 BBY (?)

Han uses a device to cut open the windows of the room they’re trapped in, and calls in a Locris ambulance to aid their escape, which works.

They leave Greedo to find the buyer of the Urn, who happens to be Sava Madelin Sun. They call into the Stormtroopers to raid her workplace for Jedi/Sith artifacts. She is saved by an unknown “new friend,” whom we learn is Qi’ra in Crimson Reign. Before the two can retrieve the urn, they are attacked by Krrsantan.

Issue #4: The Crystal Run, Part IV

c. 2 BBY (?)

Krrsantan shoots Han’s father and runs off with an unconscious Han on his shuttle. After a quick firefight, Chewie places a tracker on the shuttle, which leads to Mollo Tanka, where Augustus Graves is vacationing.

Chewie grabs Han’s father, Ovan, and takes off in the Falcon after Krrsantan’s ship. After tracking them down, he leaves Ovan in the Falcon, and goes to retrieve Han. He and Krrsantan have a Wookie Death-Duel, and he uses the distraction to get Han out of there. They make it back to where their ship is supposed to be, but Ovan has taken off with it.

Issue #5: The Crystal Run, Part V

c. 2 BBY (?)

Han and Chewie are about to be attacked by Krrsantan and his gang, when Khel Tanna and her crew save them. Greedo is onboard their freighter and they all gang up on Solo for abandoning them. They want the Urn, as Jabba’s hired others to get it as well, but somehow Solo’s father took it. Or at least he thought it was his father.

Turns out the guy playing Ovan, Han’s dad, was really a conman after the urn himself, named Corbus Tyra. Corbus was caught by Vancto on Iakar, and brought to the Benelex Marshal Service Headquarters on Paqualis III. Han and them were able to track them down thanks to a tracker Han placed on the man pretending to be his dad.

The crew take out the armed marshals they meet on Paqualis, but Chewbacca is arrested. Han tries to save him, but Khel, Greedo, and the rest incapacitate Han. Meanwhile Chewie is sent to the Prison Planet of Guldahar, where we see Ponda Baba, Dr. Evazan, and Maz Kanata also holed up.

  • Maz is already acquainted with Chewbacca, calling him “handsome.”