Halcyon Legacy

Part 1: The Storm on the Horizon

34 ABY & 231 BBY, as well as a short stint in the Clone Wars

Two tholothians, Shorr Komrrin and his granddaughter Cimina, are visiting the Halcyon for a special voyage. Shorr has been on it before, when he was a boy, and saw Anakin and Padme facing off against Ventress in a flashback. Meanwhile, the ship is being attacked by pirates.

D3-09 tells them about the first time the Halcyon was attacked by the Nihil in 231 BBY, coinciding with the eventual fall of Starlight Beacon. Nib Assek and Burryaga help the ship survive the Nihil raid.

  • The Talpini named Zeetar is a Tempest Runner at this time, meaning it’s post-Light of the Jedi.
  • Starlight Beacon still exists, though the transmissions to the station are currently down – maybe a potential tie into The Fallen Star.

Part 2: A Most Dangerous Gamble

34 ABY & Pre-21 BBY

The pirates are about to board the Halcyon, and Captain Keegan has a plan, and is bringing them in close to a solar storm. There are resistance spies aboard. D3-09 tells Shorr and Cimina about the last time they came close to hitting a solar storm.

Aurora Sing and Zam Wesell take a job from a man named Colram Vestig, who has a lot of debts to the Hutts. She faces off against a predavorexx to save his son, and defeats it, ruining the Hutts gambling line. The Halcyon avoids the solar storm, and the Hutts buy the ship.

  • Zam Wesell and Aurra Sing are alive, making this pre-21 BBY.

Part 3: A Cause Worth Fighting For

34 ABY & Pre-19 BBY

The Halcyon flies into a solar storm to outrun the pirates, and Crimson Jack opens fire on the Halcyon. The Halcyon is harboring Resistance Spies that the First Order want brought in. Meanwhile Cirina and Shorr are told another story about Anakin and Padmé. Shorr was present for this event. He wants to depart the Halcyon now that he thinks it’s going to be destroyed.

Anakin and Padmé are following Senator Zast Tri’vak undercover on the now Hutt-owned Halcyon Starcruiser. Asajj Ventress comes to extract the defecting senator, and Anakin attacks her. The Hutts stop the fight, but Asajj kills the senator and departs the ship out of a broken window.

  • This is said to be “30 years” since the Empire was destroyed, which could refer to 34 or 35 ABY.

Part 4: The Heist on the Halcyon

34 ABY & 0-2 ABY

The Halcyon decides to exit the hyperspace storm because it wasn’t safe, and when they get out Crimson Jack’s pirate ship was waiting for them. Shorr Komrrin is the Resistance spy and he decides to jettison in an escape pod to draw Jack away from the Halcyon.

D3-09 tells of a story of Maz Kanata selling Alderaanian crystals to imperial General Kardan, who has pillaged from many worlds in the pursuit of treasure. She sells the item to him, and gives Hando and Lando the opportunity to steal it back from him.

  • The box Kardan carried some of his treasure in was hewn from a Wroshyr tree on Kashyyyk thousands of years ago, and is likely the box Maz places Luke’s saber in.
  • Lando has just taken an administrative post, so this is likely before he really begins in Bespin City.

Part 5: The Path of the Sungrazer

34 ABY & circa 9 ABY

As Shorr Komrrin jettisons from the Halcyon and draws Crimson Jack’s attention elsewhere, D3-09 tells the story of R’Tess first time on the Halcyon Starcruiser. About a quarter century prior she and her love came aboard this ship to experience the Sungrazer Comet collision, but he was taken away by bounty hunters paid off by Crimson Dawn, never to be seen by R’Tess again. Little did she know at the time, but he had paid off her stay on the cruiser for a hundred years.

Back in the present, R’Tess helps attack the pirates on the ship with a blaster given to her by her love. Shorr is captured by Jack and takes him to a First Order officer, when Shorr reveals the contents of his case is just a gift for his granddaughter. Meanwhile the true plans were held by Cirina and she takes them to the vacation planet of Sesid, where she delivers them to Vi Moradi.

  • “The Sungrazer Comet… about a quarter of a century ago.” So roughly 9 ABY.
  • “Everything is booked for years” on the Halcyon as of 9 ABY.
  • Leia and Han’s honeymoon was on the Halcyon a “few years ago.”
  • It’s unclear if this is before or after the events of Phasma or Galaxy’s Edge Black Spire.