(Novel by E. K. Johnston)

18 BBY


  • Siege of Mandalore.
  • Ahsoka and Maul duke it out verbally.
  • Ahsoka isn’t a Commander anymore, though the troopers give her the same courtesy.
  • She was no Jedi. He was only half a Sith.

Chapter 1:

  • “She was alone.” Something she was never meant to be.
  • She could feel the Force sensitivity if other Jedi around her, up until Order 66.
  • Today is Empire Day. “It was the first such celebration.”
  • “The new Empire was only a year old.”
  • “Mandalore had burned.” She, Rex and others had managed to save most of Mandalore.
  • Ahsoka goes by Ashla now and lives on Thabeska.
  • Ahsoka had an eMpty weapons belt.
  • Ahsoka met the Fardi clan when she first came to Thabeska. She’s made a residence there for “a year.” It was the longest she’s stayed on a single planet since she became Anakin Skywalker’s padawan.
  • Ahsoka owned one outfit.
  • Her head had grown again and she was finding it hard to hide her montrals.
  • The stormtroopers were newer recruits. Not clones.
  • Ahsoka knew the troop transport ships best.

Chapter 2:

  • Ahsoka had made a big mistake getting involved with one of the biggest families on Thabeska, the Fardis. Now she heads to Raada.
  • “After a year of either space or Thabeska’s dust,” Raada was a welcome change.
  • Ahsoka no longer has her lightsabers.
  • The girl (Kaeden Larte) looked about Ashoka’s age.
  • Cietra got married, abandoned her home on the outskirts of the city on Raada, and now Ahsoka will use it.
  • Kaeden tells her they’ll have work for her tomorrow as a mechanic. In a few days it’ll be like she never lived anywhere else.
  • She missed meditation, though “the Force felt different now.” There was a “shroud” around her perception of the Force since leaving the Order.
  • The perception of those around her through the Force saved her when she was very young and a fake Jedi came to enslave her on Shili.
  • Raada was mostly harvested and ready gif the next season’s seeds.
  • Her neighbor’s came home after work.

Chapter 3:

  • Early the next day, the second on Raada. Likely two days out from Empire Day.
  • Kaeden had “lost a fight” with a thresher, injuring herself and now needs it repaired.
  • “She missed R2-D2.” She kept talking aloud as if he were there.

Chapter 4:

  • Kaeden didn’t return the next day, she likely went to work. Third day on Raada.
  • He never said as much, but Anakin had had enough of work from when he was on Tatooine as a boy.
  • Jedi training before the war had been less about tactics.
  • Tibbola was one if the oldest farmers.
  • Miara Larte was 14. 3 years younger than Kaeden (17). The same pressures that made Kaeden work at such a young age were present with Miara.
  • They workers head to Selda’s Cantina after work every day.

Chapter 5:

  • Ahsoka had been invited to the cantina.
  • Malat was a sullustan woman in her early 30s. Her husband worked a different shift.
  • Hoban and Neera, twins, we’re a few years older than Ahsoka.
  • Ahsoka spent “most of her life” around those that could keep their feelings under control. This is why Barriss Offee’s betrayal hurt so deeply.
  • Selda had prosthetics from a farming accident a long time ago.
  • When Ahsoka was little she didn’t move around a lot and ate in mess halls (likely because she was always at the Temple). But the last few years she had moved around a lot and ate what she could.
  • Kaeden was 14 when her parents died in the same accident that hurt Selda. She was 4 when they moved to Raada.
  • Ahsoka “doesn’t remember her parents well.”
  • The Empire was hiring mostly humans, leaving many non-humans to leave the core worlds.
  • Jenneth Pilar used to be a broker.
  • The Empire wanted a small planet for food production. Jenneth deliberated on this for a few days before choosing Raada.
  • Later that night, Ahsoka ponders what she heard at the bar.
  • The senate was still operating.
  • Kashyyyk was besieged and nobody could help them because they were trying to help themselves.
  • “She was alive because she walked away.”
  • The Clone troopers taught her everything she knew.
  • There was a “dark nothingness” when she tried to connect “with Anakin or the others.”
  • In the fake grave they put Rex’s armor and Ahsoka’s lightsabers, so whenever anyone found it they would assume they were both dead. They had written a false report of her death at his hands on the grave.
  • When they were digging the grave they agreed to “separate and head to the outer rim.”

Chapter 6:

  • “After that first night at Selda’s” Ahsoka settled in to the rhythm of life on Raada.
  • “She had spent too much time indoors in the past week.”
  • She had avoided meditation for a while now.
  • It was a good day for a run.
  • Plo Koon was the Jedi that saved Ahsoka from the slaver who came for her in her village. He taught her how to regulate her breathing.
  • “The Empire had arrived” a week after her arrival on Raada.

Chapter 7:

  • “Officially, Ahsoka Tano was dead.”
  • It was late afternoon.
  • The troopers were being aged out of the Imperial army, though it “had only been a little more than a year.”
  • Ahsoka had never played crokin.
  • Curfew put in place.

Chapter 8:

  • Stormtroopers came to her home the following morning.
  • The imperials weren’t the most organized or efficient group yet.
  • She hides her ship.

Chapter 9:

  • Tibbola is killed for arguing with the Empire over drink.
  • They plan to slow production of food and sabotage the Empire.

Chapter 10:

  • “One week became two.” Presumably two weeks since Ahsoka had been on Raada, not the Empire. Crops grew slowly.
  • Miara and Kaeden will work with Ashla for a few days in the caves.
  • Jenneth Pilar will check the caves in the morning.
  • Ahsoka had sold her original stolen ship to the Fardi’s. She was at least 3 years older than the eldest Fardi daughter.
  • For seceral months on Thabeska, Ahsoka went into a “functional comatose state” where she refused to feel anything.
  • Two months before Empire Day Ahsoka saved some of the Fardi kids from being crushed by crates using the Force, something she had suppressed for some 10 months.
  • 3 days later Hedala Fardi moved a rock with the Force.

Chapter 11:

  • Kaeden had tried to talk Miara out of building bombs behind Ahsoka’s back,
  • Ashla says they have a few more days out there.
  • “For the next two days” Miara built explosives for Ahsoka.
  • “On the fourth day they slipped back to town.”
  • Malat had been on Vardan’s crew the longest.
  • “We’ll do a briefing tomorrow.”

Chapter 12:

  • Ahsoka had helped train farmers before, on Felucia.
  • Going back to Selda’s after they placed the corrosive charges wasn’t part of the plan.
  • They placed the real explosives at the barracks.

Chapter 13:

  • She told them “I fought in the Clone Wars.”
  • The vehicles they faced were “Clone Wars-era.”
  • “For the first time in too long she felt the full power of the Force flow through her, and she welcomed it.”

Chapter 14:

  • The walkers were newer than the tanks, built after the Empire took over.
  • Anakin had never mastered the art of apologizing first, explaining yourself second, like Ahsoka had.
  • Hedala Fardi was 4 years old.
  • Kaeden was picked up by stormtroopers.

Chapter 15:

  • Kaeden was locked up no more than four hours. It was still nighttime.
  • Kaeden is tortured and interrogated. They want Ahsoka’s name.
  • Ahsoka saves Kaeden, but know she needs to leave.
  • She promises to return.
  • Flashback to Battle of Christophsis: Anakin had become comfortable being his own Master since ending his apprenticeship to Obi-Wan. He felt like his life was about to change. This likely is just before he meets Ahsoka for the first time.

Chapter 16:

  • Bail Organa had never felt overwhelmed in his office before now.
  • Bail installed a fish tank for Leia.
  • Bail often dreamed of the purge in the Jedi Temple.
  • “There had been thousands of Jedi before the purge.”
  • Some day, if Bail had a reason to reach out to Obi-Wan, he would.
  • The Sixth Brother was investigating the Fardi children. He wanted to acquire children “for his masters.”
  • Hedala Fardi had felt the presence of the inquisitor in the planet like a toothache over the last several days until he left Thabeska in search of the Jedi.

Chapter 17:

  • Empire continued to oppress worlds like Kashyyyk.
  • She hoped Chewbacca survived.
  • After checking 7 systems for Imperial presence, she went back to the Fardi’s on Thabeska.
  • She lived on Thabeska “for almost a year.”
  • Hedala “was about a year past the age when the Temple might’ve found her as far out from the core as she was.”
  • Ahsoka had been gone “weeks.”
  • There are far less Togruta in the galaxy than there are Twi’lek or human.

Chapter 18:

  • “It was 5 days before Ahsoka managed to get Hedala alone.”
  • “Ahsoka had heard rumors of a Dark Lord who served the Emperor.”
  • Ahsoka’s shadow had left shortly after Ahsoka had left Raada.
  • Her pillow was softer than anything she’d slept on as a Padawan. Probably due to wartime bunking.
  • “A week into her stay,” Ahsoka asked Fardi for a new job.
  • The Empire was still new, still establishing itself in the outer reaches, yet incredibly powerful.
  • “The mechanisms put in place for the Clone Wars had been twisted for the Empire’s use.”
  • Ahsoka did odd jobs and helped people with random distress issues.

Chapter 19:

  • Sixth Brother investigates the missing padawan on Raada. She was seen flying off after her rescue of Kaeden.
  • He’d heard of seemingly random reports of heroics on neighboring worlds.
  • Bail Organa also noticed the random acts of heroics in the Outer Rim.
  • Bail had known Chardri Tage since before the Clone Wars.

Chapter 20:

  • Fardi knows that Ahsoka is a Jedi and realizes Hedala has the ability to use the Force as well. Ahsoka says there’s nobody to teach her when Fardi asks if she’ll grow up to be “a mechanic” like Ahsoka.
  • It was common for younglings to be good at one aspect of the Force before being trained. For Hedala it was sensing other’s feelings. For Anakin it had been quick reflexes.
  • There were potentially thousands of Force sensitive children in the galaxy like Hedala, and the Empire was hunting them down.
  • Ahsoka was going to take “a few days” to clear her head.
  • Ahsoka came to the attention of Black Sun.
  • Obi-Wan had never been to that part of Tatooine where the Lars’ Homestead was located, until he dropped off the boy.
  • He went to Shmi Skywalker’s grave to apologize for losing her son, despite never meeting her in life.
  • Ben Kenobi has a “house” at this stage. (This is a possible continuity error with the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, as he’s living in a cave in 9 BBY). “He hadn’t been there long.”
  • “Surely he wasn’t that old yet.” Must be the desert climate affecting him negatively.
  • Obi-Wan hears Qui-Gon’s voice. It was “stronger this time.”

Chapter 21:

  • Enough time has passed that likely Kaeden won’t have her hair braided because her arm is broken.
  • Kaeden played a lot of crokin since Ahsoka left.
  • “Everyone knew the Jedi were dead.”
  • Jenneth Pilar’s calculations suggest the harvest can begin in a “few more days.”

Chapter 22:

  • Black Sun offers Ahsoka a job.
  • Wherever she sat down next would become a target, just by virtue of her presence.
  • “There was no one way for her anymore.” She would need to make decisions of whether to be Ashla or Ahsoka wherever she went.
  • She was ready to put Ashla away for good.
  • Ahsoka caught in a tractor beam.

Chapter 23:

  • The night and day waiting for Kaeden to return after the raid was the worst in Miara’s life.
  • Kaeden meets the Sixth Brother.
  • Sixth Brother captures Kaeden.

Chapter 24:

  • The tractor beam was from Bail Organa’s people.
  • She’s reunited with R2, whose memory hasn’t been wiped. He’s been working for Bail.
  • She’s surprised that they Bail Organa live as he’s a known Jedi sympathizer.
  • Bail knows it’s Ahsoka. It’s presumed he hasn’t seen her since the Clone Wars, though not specified directly.
  • Tantive IV requisitioned to take him to meet Ahsoka.
  • “Hello senator, I hear you wanted to talk.”

Chapter 25:

  • Bail and Ahsoka discuss Raada and joining the Rebellion.
  • Ahsoka has never seen an Inquisitor before.
  • Ahsoka didn’t know of Padmé’s children.
  • Senator Organa has a mission for her.
  • The rebellion is still very vulnerable, Bail hasn’t told his staff about a Jedi yet.
  • Ahsoka dreamed of Ilum in a way she hadn’t in “years.”
  • Master Yoda was “almost always” right.
  • Ahsoka plans to use her spare parts she’s collected to collect a lightsaber.
  • Kyber Crystals only made themselves visible to those who they were destined to bond with.
  • You can bleed a Crystal to become red.
  • The Kyber crystals grew and waited.

Chapter 26:

  • While Ahsoka performs her mission, Bail is off to Coruscant to play his part on the Senate.
  • Ahsoka tells him that she’s no longer a Jedi.
  • This occurs the day after she found out about Kaeden.
  • Ahsoka had been to Ilum 3 times. Once for each of her crystals, and once with a group of younglings.
  • The Empire was mining Ilum. “Gone was the cliffside entrance” that Jedi have used for generations.
  • Her crystals were waiting for her on Raada.

Chapter 27:

  • Ahsoka finds Miara.
  • Everyone besides Miara and Kaeden were killed.

Chapter 28:

  • The fields of Raada were ruined.
  • The Empire had the farmers working almost all hours of daylight.
  • Ahsoka meets the Inquisitor, Sixth Brother.
  • Ahsoka says “you have something I want.”
  • Ahsoka had added height ”in the past few years.”
  • No Jedi was ever weaponless.
  • Ahsoka stops the Sixth Brother by blowing up his lightsaber in his face. He’s dead.
  • Her lightsaber crystals are now white.
  • She saves Kaeden.
  • Kaeden wanted to laugh for the first time in weeks.

Chapter 29:

  • Most of Ahsoka’s friends are dead. Some survived. They’ve made a plan to get the farmers out of Raada.
  • Tantive IV picks up the people on Raada.
  • Ahsoka thinks it’ll be “a while” before she sees Kaeden and Miara again. She was thinking about what came next.

Chapter 30:

  • “I wanted to talk to you about what you’re doing to fight the Empire.”
  • Varden had survived.
  • There were a lot of refugees in the galaxy right now.
  • Organa claims he’ll take the people from Raada in to live on Alderaan.
  • Bail says “I’ve never seen white ones before,” speaking of her lightsabers.
  • Ahsoka freed the crystals from being bled.
  • Bail had never asked where the Jedi lightsabers came from.
  • Ahsoka believes the crystals were looted from the Jedi Temple.
  • The “chancellor” kept everyone so busy jumping at shadows, they didn’t know which were real.
  • Ahsoka wants to find recruits for Bail’s cause, and find out what they can do. To take over running his intelligence network.
  • “You can call me Fulcrum.”
  • “Welcome to the Rebellion.”
  • The Grand Inquisitor visits Raada.
  • “Inform Lord Vader we have found evidence of another survivor.”