Ms. Marvel

Episode 1: Generation Why

Fall 2025 – Late September, early October?

  • Kamala’s computer has a folder called “Video Ideas September” (1:12)
  • (2:07) “Remember, new episodes drop every Wednesday.”
  • Kamala fails her driving test. (3:30) Likely turned 16 recently.
  • Posters in the hallway (6:03) indicate student President voting is soon. “This Fall: Fight the Flu” seen several times.
  • Mr. Wilson looks through Kamala’s report cards from Freshmen and Sophomore year. (7:04) He then proceeds to say she’s had a “hectic couple of weeks,” meaning it’s likely some short weeks since the school year’s started.
  • Halal vendor at (12:50) has a sanitation grade issued on 03/14/2025 and a vendor license good from 2024 and 2025.
  • “I’m 16.” (16:05)
  • Bruno is looking to apply at Caltech (which is currently accepting new student applications for the Fall Semester). Early action applications are due November 1st for first-year deadlines, suggesting this is before that. (22:41)
  • Kamala falls into a pile of leaves (30:55)
  • AvengerCon appears to be an evening event? Random. Attendees are given “Day Pass” lanyards. (32:32)
  • Memorial for Stark and Romanoff has the date of October 2023 in the top left corner, confirming that’s when the Battle of Earth occurred.

Episode 2: Crushed

June 2025 (if Eid al-Adha) or Fall 2025 (where the rest of the show is set)

  • “I’ve been meaning to tell you for years.” Kamala’s been attending Coles Academic High School for years. (2:00)
  • Zoe’s TikTok caption reads AvengerCon was “over the weekend” (3:10)
  • Homecoming poster shows up at (3:17)
  • Zoe says “I’m gonna have a party on Friday.” (4:23)
  • Kamran is the “new” senior. (4:35) Usually one would go to a new school at the start of the school year.
  • Foliage is indicative of autumn. Pile of leaves behind Kamala (5:59). Trees are missing leaves behind halal cart (7:15). Again at (11:04, 22:11, 32:47). Principle photography began in November 2020 and ran through Winter 2021, primarily in Atlanta, which explains the foliage, or lack thereof. Secondary photography of Jersey City ran through May 2021, mostly for overhead shots of Jersey City/NYC skyline.
  • Behind Kamala there’s a sign reading September 9th for the D&D Club fundraiser. (06:46)
  • First driving lesson on Monday (17:31).
  • “Spent 6 weeks on Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, but 6 minutes in Ancient Persia and Byzantium.” (18:07) Nakia is exaggerating about the time spent on certain topics in her history class.
  • “The early immersion program at CalTech!” (20:48) Early immersion programs are meant to prepare one for Summer or Winter semesters on campus. In episode 1 (22:41) we see the early action deadline is Nov. 1, so this is in reference to Winter 2026, presumably.
  • “Eid again?” “Yeah, the lesser one.” (22:55) Writer Sana Amanet claims on Twitter “It’s a bit of a joke. The Eid after Ramadan is always the one that’s a big deal cuz everyone had been fasting for a month and we partied and got presents. My cousins and I used to joke that Eid al-Adha was the lesser one cuz we didn’t get any gifts/money. Just some goat.” Eid al-Adha falls on Saturday, June 7th in 2025.
  • Kingo/Eternals joke (24:00)
  • ‘Eid Mubarak!’ seen on signage outside of mosque (32:40), which is a term meaning “blessed feast/festival” said around Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Again at (32:47). Said many times throughout festival.
  • Christmas lights on trees (38:19).

Episode 3: Destined

  • British Occupied India, 1942 (1:51-4:10)
  • Ten Rings logo (3:09)
  • “That was the last time we saw her.” (4:17) Aisha disappeared in 1942, before Partition.
  • “We’ve been around for 100 years.” (5:11)
  • Kamran’s “17” (5:27)
  • Noor “slows down our aging, for one thing. (6:17)
  • “In our home dimension, in the Noor Dimension, we’re known as Clandestines.” (7:40) Most commonly known as Djinn.
  • Fall foliage (11:33, 16:35)
  • September Calendar (17:27, 17:31, 17:44) fits 2025, but too difficult to read dates.
  • Wormhole article references Avengers in 2012. (17:35) Article written in 2022.
  • Winter trees/christmas lights (32:45)
  • Samsung calendar app has 28 Icon (40:37), but this is normal.

Episode 4: Seeing Red

  • Undetermined whether it’s Kamala’s first time to Pakistan, but later context suggests it isn’t.
  • “After you ruined your brother’s wedding, really, you’ll be serving out your sentence for years.” (2:48)
  • “It’s the middle of the night, you should be sleeping.” (4:41) Kamala and her mother arrive in Karachi in the middle of the night.
  • “When the bangle was used the last time, it saved my life.” (8:55) Meaning that nobody has used the bangle since Partition in 1947. “It was the middle of Partition. It was a hot Summer night.” (9:05) She took the last train that night.
  • “For hundreds of years that scarf has protected the identity of warriors willing to take the mantle of the Red Dagger.” (20:32)
  • “There are many dimensions around us that we cannot see. This is just one of them.” (21:33)
  • We see what could be the Basant Kite Festival which revolves around the lunar calendar at the start of the Spring season. (24:46) It’s illegal in Pakistan to celebrate it and many are arrested each year. Nani gazing out wistfully at the kites seems true to her nature, and further cements her divide between India and Pakistan. I don’t think this is any indication as to the timeframe.
  • “There is history in every thread of this fabric.” (32:15)
  • Kamala is transported to India in 1947, during the middle of Partition. (39:23)

Episode 5: Time and Again

  • ‘“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to light and freedom.” With those words on the eve of August 15th, 1947.” (1:45) Quote from ‘Tryst with Destiny’ by Jawaharlal Nehru. “To understand how all this began, we must go back to a pivotal moment in the Indians struggle for independence. Back in 1942” (2:33)
  • British Occupied India – 1942 (2:43-7:34)
  • Quit India Movement pamphlet (3:18) – the Quit India Movement, proposed by Mahatma Ghandi on August 8th, 1942, demanded the immediate and orderly withdrawal of the British from India. Within hours almost the entire Indian National Congress was imprisoned without trial, and some tens of thousands more. This would begin the widespread riots throughout the country that within a month and a half would destroy 500 post offices, 250 train stations, 70 police stations and 85 other government buildings.
  • 1943 (7:35-9:23)
  • Aisha’s in her third trimester, so it’s definitely at least 1943. (8:28)
  • 1947 (9:24-22:59) Partition begins.
  • “We searched everywhere for years.” – Najma (11:55)
  • Moon is in waning gibbous. (20:24) The closest time period after partition began that matches this phase is September 6th, 1947. According to “the tumultuous wave of migration largely ended by 1948.”
  • 2025 (23:00)
  • “Our family is magical. I’ve told you so many times over the years.” (27:10)
  • Muneeba “ran away when she was 17” to chase after Bon Jovi. (30:23)
  • Autumn leaves in alleyway outside Circle Q (31:53)

Episode 6: No Normal

  • Fall foliage: (1:38, 1:46)
  • Subway signage has a Port Authority NJ map that goes into effect April 20, 2022. (2:27) Farming apprentice program goes into effect Oct. 20th. (2:32, 2:35)
  • Statue of Liberty has been re-oxidized and there’s no shield in sight (3:24) No sign of Avengers Tower either (3:29)
  • Mobile Sanitation Grade dated 03/14/2025 (7:06)
  • High school’s are the “only place guaranteed to be empty on a Saturday” (7:48)
  • Winter foliage: (7:53)
  • Hijri calendar dated to 6/26/1442, or 26th of Jumada II 1442, which translates to the filming date of February 8th, 2021. (9:20)
  • Spring Dance sign at school (13:13)
  • Posters in the hallway (13:48) indicate student President voting is soon.
  • Canned food drive poster from October 16-25 (15:35
  • “We are POPPING into High School” (18:53)
  • “Make this year great” (21:16)
  • Poster reading “Open to all seniors”, an early immersion program. (22:43)
  • The Coles Academic Volleyball team were State Champions in 2024, meaning we’re now in 2025. (23:09)
  • Red Daggers have been fighting Kamran’s family “for decades.” (23:50)
  • D&D Club car wash fundraiser dated to September 9th. (25:21, 25:42)
  • Bake sale September 19 (25:22)
  • “One Week Later” (39:39)

Assembled – S01E11 | The Making of Ms. Marvel

  • Poster says “Start off your career – summer job opportunities” (3:03)
  • Poster says “This Fall – Fight the Flu” (10:55)
  • “If you can read this vote for Suzy.” (15:34)
  • Rose season in India is Spring, Summer AND Fall, so the rose scene in the 1943/44 flashback likely occurs mid-1943. (23:15)
  • 2020 set calendar (29:26)
  • Kamala “is experiencing what is known as the ‘Heritage Walk’ in Karachi, which is a walk that happens once a week where people walk through the streets and look at all of the architecture that’s there from the British era, the colonial era…” (30:43)
  • Halal guy hasn’t changed the menu “in 14 years.” (33:02)
  • D&D Club Fundraiser on September 9th (34:30, 54:52)
  • Poster for Homecoming (34:31)
  • Massive HOMECOMING game banner (34:32)
  • Poster addressed to Freshman says that “the Middle School called, they want their VSCO girls back,” which clearly denotes an early timeframe in the school year.
  • Several posters with September dates, as well as a yearbook pre-order which states if you buy during the 1st Semester the price is only $45. (53:57)