Moon Knight

Episode 1: The Goldfish Problem

Day One: Thursday

  • Spring attire throughout beginning London scenes.
  • 22 April-July 29 on banners.
  • New merch at the stall Steven’s working at.
  • “When I was coming in this morning, I saw the banners outside.” This denotes the posters and the banners are new, and it isn’t common for museums to change up marketing for an exhibit midway through – meaning this is likely very early on in the exhibits run.
  • “Third time this week you’ve shuffled in like a lazy sod.” Week starts on Mondays in the UK. Later it’s discovered that this is a Thursday.
  • Steven’s going on a date “tomorrow.”

Day Two: Friday

  • Following day Steven Grant appears to be in a different country. At around 12:40, it’s tulip season in Slovenia. The village he heads to appears to be spring attire as well. More flowers in town. Closeup of daisies and wildflowers (18:35). This is supposed to be Germany – given the German subtitles on Disney+.

Day Four: Sunday

  • Steven wakes up two days after his date, which was supposed to be on Friday. It is Sunday.
  • Motorola Razr O2-UK – not 02.
  • Layla called “I’ve been texting and calling you for months.”

Day Five: Monday

  • Arthur Harrow visits him at the museum.
  • Waxing Crescent. (37:04)
  • Jackal attacks
  • Credits: Waxing Crescent

Episode 2: Summon the Suit

Day Six: Tuesday

  • Steven is fired from his job as a museum attendant.
  • Steven finds his passport in a storage unit. Marc Spector was born March 9th, 1987. It was issued during the snap, on December 14th, 2018.
  • Layla shows up. She doesn’t know that his mother’s dead.
  • Is arrested. Interpol Central Database reads file No starting with 1975, the year the character was created in the comics.
  • 38:00 – GRC logo on double decker bus
  • 39:44 – Waxing Crescent – larger than on Day 5
  • Harrow gets the Scarab.
  • Credits: Waxing Crescent

Episode 3: The Friendly Type

  • Layla visits an old workmate of her father that she hasn’t seen in 10 years.
  • an unknown amount of time has passed since Marc’s travelled to Egypt.
  • Khonshu creates a solar eclipse
  • “for what it’s worth I had it under control until very recently.”
  • First Quarter moon at this dudes house.
  • Layla spent some time in Madripoor with Anton.
  • Senfu marked the stars 2000 years ago.
  • Credits: First quarter Moon

Episode 4: The Tomb

  • Waxing Gibbous
  • Next Day
  • Marc’s partner killed Abdullah El-Faouly, and Marc met Layla after that.
  • Credits: Waxing Gibbous

Episode 5: Asylum

  • Shortly after the death of Marc’s brother RoRo, his mother doesn’t attend his 10th birthday. March 9th, 1997.
  • Following birthday, presumably, on March 9th, 1998.
  • (22:42) Waning crescent moon, undetermined day or year
  • Marc runs away from home as a young adult.
  • “Dad called after all these years about her shiva,” the week long mourning period of first-degree relatives. Lasts for 7 days following the burial.
  • (33:00) Dr. Harrow’s degree of psychology
  • “this was it. Mom’s death and shiva two months ago. This was the moment our lives started bleeding into each other.”
  • Credits: Waning Crescent moon

Episode 6: Gods and Monsters

  • The same day continues after the events of episode 4.
  • (10:50) Ammit was bound for 2000 years, after her last Avatar was Alexander the Great (though he died some 2300+ years prior).
  • (20:30) god of the night sky, turns night into full moon.
  • (24:45) full moon again
  • Credits: Full moon