Iron Man

2008: (100% of runtime)

  • January: Featured on Wired magazine Jan 2008 (frame at 00:04:47).
  • Magazine from The Washington Times dated Friday, December 17, 1991 claims Howard, Maria Stark die in car accident (00:05:08).
  • Tony is 17.
  • 4 years later, likely 1995, Tony Stark takes control of Stark Enterprises.
  • February: Presumably this was when he was captured, and early February is likely the time Pepper was born.
  • At (0:12:05) we find the the MIT commencement speech occurs in June, which is some months away. In real life the MIT commencement speech always take place the first week of June.
  • May: Presumably when Tony comes back from captivity. Tony claims to have been in captivity for 3 months.
  • (00:43:19) Mad Money broadcast is dated May 4, 2008, meaning Stark likely arrived back the previous day.
  • Access Hollywood claims he’s been bedridden for weeks, meaning MRK3 was finished mid-May (01:07:16).
  • Stark’s watch claims it’s May 16th (01:07:51), though that should fall on a Friday, not a Thursday; likely this was filmed on August 16th, 2007.
  • Agent Coulson wants to meet on the 24th (01:09:26). That’s the date Pepper finds the files on Obadiah’s computer, and Obadiah becomes the Iron Monger.
  • The next day Tony Stark claims that he is Iron Man.