The Shadow of Kyoshi

(Novel by F.C. Yee)


  • Flashback to Father Glowworm’s attack on Yun.
  • Yun entered the spirit world.
  • Kelsong had never talked about what happens when you’re in the spirit world while still in your body.
  • Kuruk had previously battled against Father Glowworm.

Chapter 1: Unfinished Business

  • Kuji was the most junior member of the Triad of the Golden Wing.
  • Kuji calls on the Avatar Yangchen to protect him from Kyoshi.
  • Kyoshi is no longer in her daofei days.
  • She was inclined to believe anyone roughly her age was a boy or a girl still.
  • Kyoshi was nearing 18. So late into her 17th year.
  • Daofei are entering Ba Sing Se from the countryside, because they fear Kyoshi.
  • It had “been a while” since Kyoshi had last seen Mok.
  • Wai was fast and vicious in his Yellowneck days.
  • Kyoshi has a rough reputation among the residents of Ba Sing Se.

Chapter 2: The Invitation

  • Trees dropping pink petals. Spring?
  • Jianzhu gave her several homes across the four nations.
  • She’s been thinking and acting more like Jianzhu lately.
  • Kyoshi’s never been able to properly use waterbending to heal.
  • Te Was the first official in the Earth Kingdom to learn she was the Avatar. He had made drastic changes to his town since then.
  • Many Earth Sages Denied her Avatarhood.
  • Jinpa wasn’t too much older than Kyoshi. Slightly older than 20 years.
  • Invitation from Fire Lord Zoryu was the first time she’s corresponded with a head of state.
  • Festival of Szeto, a significant holiday in the Fire Islands.

Chapter 3: Past Lives

  • Pengpeng the air bison is retiring to raise her calves.
  • Her predecessor from two generations ago, Yangchen is known as one of the greatest Avatars to ever live. To this day, people invoked her name for protection and luck.
  • Kuruk reaches out to her.
  • Yangchen and Salai are known as great Avatars of the past.
  • She says there have been a “thousand generations” of Avatars.
  • Avatar Yangchen’s first act of waterbending happened on an island between Ba Sing Se and the Fire Islands.
  • Kuruk and his companions went to Yangchen’s island to practice going into the Avatar state for the first time. Kuruk had sunk the atop below the waves. It was a spot holy to Air Nomads and Yangchen.

Chapter 4: The Reunion

  • They we’re already preparing for the Festival of Szeto when Kyoshi arrived.
  • Reunion with Rangi in Caldera City. Her hair had grown back.
  • Enough time has passed for Kyoshi to worry if Rangi still cared for her.

Chapter 5: Cultural Diplomacy

  • Dairin was one of the foremost Avatar scholars in the Four Nations.
  • Kyoshi’s predecessors had all walked down the Corridors of Power since the Unification of the Fire Islands.
  • Laat time Kyoshi saw Heiran, she was very ill.
  • Portraits of Fire Lords took years to complete. Late Fire Lord Chaeryu’s wasn’t complete.
  • Avatar Szeto wore a tall minister’s hat.
  • During Szeto’s childhood years, the Fire Nation teetered on the verge of collapse. Fire Lord Yosor couldn’t keep it together. Szeto helped keep the nation together. Would have gone back to pre-unification.
  • Each clan was descended from one of the Warlords from before the Fire Islands were United.
  • Szeto took a government post as a minister of the royal court. From a central seat, his influence spread across the Fire Nation, keeping balance that way.
  • Kyoshi hadn’t visited the North Pole yet.
  • Kyoshi had “spent long months” establishing her reputation in the Earth kingdom.

Chapter 6: The Performance

  • Their “journey” with the Flying Opera Company didn’t last long.
  • The small gathering is over 500 people.
  • First time Kyoshi had seen so many Fire Nationals in one place.
  • Lu Beifong worried his name will fade into obscurity.
  • Governor Shing is in his 40s and is younger than Lu Beifong. Governs Gintong province.
  • Between Rise and Shadow of Kyoshi, Kyoshi removed the Daofei from Gintong Province.

Chapter 7: The Headmistress

  • Hei-ran had been a “high ranking military commander at one point,” and had taught many of the Fire Nationals’ children.
  • Hei-ran looked older.
  • Kyoshi learns that it was Jianzhu that who poisoned Hei-ran.
  • Sifu Atuat is the greatest of the northern healers. She was a little younger than Hei-ran.
  • Jinpa says to levitate like he is doing was created by Kuruk.

Chapter 8: Ancient History

  • The celestial bodies hadn’t seen such a blunder in “a thousand lifetimes.”
  • A “malaise has settled over the land” since the death of the fire lords father.
  • Hei-ran once taught Zoryu.
  • Chaejin is the illegitimate son of Chaeryu, of the Saowon Clan.
  • Zoryu’s mother died giving birth to him.
  • The harvests have been “failures for two years in a row.”
  • The majority of the party was Hei-Ran’s age or older.
  • Zoryu knew Yun. Had played Paisho with him.
  • Yun showed back up at the party.

Chapter 9: The Crash

  • Yun invited to every festival of Szeto.
  • Yun is after everyone who lied to him about his Avatarhood.
  • Lu Beifong is murdered by Yun.
  • Yun wants to be done in the Fire Nation before the end of the Festival.

Chapter 10: Aftermath

  • Dairin dies to Yun’s unique form of earthbending.
  • Kyoshi wants to learn Atuat’s healing techniques.
  • The Fire Nation still kept tabs on potential decoys, but they haven’t been used in about a hundred years.
  • No Fire Lord in history has left the throne and lived long afterward.
  • Chaejin stated his claim on the throne, whether or not it means the death of his brother.

Chapter 11: The Ritual

  • Kyoshi believes Yun is possessed by Father Glowworm.
  • Spiritual excursions were never Kuruk’s focus.
  • It’s not uncommon for communing with past Avatar’s to be difficult, as it was the case in past generations
  • A fire sage spent more time with Kuruk after their group went their separate ways.
  • Daofei and corrupt politicians alike began to thrive before finding the Avatar.
  • Kuruk’s early death showed what could happen if the cycle renewed at the wrong time.
  • Master Amok’s job was to train Yun to be a trained killer. He’d learned this in dark corners of Ba Sing Se.
  • “I just got the two of you back,” referring to Kyoshi and Hei-ran.
  • The traditional Avatar calendar counts the days. “Technically it’s the 6454th day of the Era of Kyoshi.” Formal and archaic method of timekeeping. Mostly used by historians or in spiritual ceremonies.
  • Hei-ran cuts her top-knot.

Chapter 12: The Fire Sage

  • New companions to Avatar Kyoshi in the form of Hei-ran and Atuat.
  • Heir-ran has been traveling with the Avatar on bisonback since before Rangi was born.
  • Traveling with her mother makes her feel like she’s 12 all over again.
  • North Chung-Ling used to be a place where visions of the spirit world were common. The village cashed in on that, made it a tourist trap.
  • Harvest is bad, means probably Autumn.
  • Airbenders are considered lucky.
  • Nyahitha believes Kuruk’s companions ruined Kuruk, and they thought he did.
  • The first visitors of North Chung-Ling who reported spirits, likely stayed too long breathing in noxious gases from the volcano.
  • Kuruk tangled with many hostile spirits during his Avatarhood. Father Glowworm was one of the worst.
  • Kuruk, after failing to defeat Father Glowworm, was cursed afterward in the physical world.
  • Nyahitha used to be a leader at the High Temple during Kuruk’s time.
  • Hei-ran spent so many years with Kuruk.
  • Nyahitha has never diagnosed a case of possession before.
  • Nyahitha asks Kyoshi to come before twilight.
  • Lady Huazo has been trying to buy up crop land for some time now on North Chung-Ling.
  • Koulin and Rangi were the same year at the Fire Nation academy.
  • Rangi was miserable at the academy, despite being the number one student in the class.
  • Rangi wasn’t happy until she left the Academy and served the avatar.

Chapter 13: Spiritual Exercises

  • It’s a spiritual offense to burn another in Agni Kai during a holiday
  • Kyoshi had bad experiences with incense.
  • Yangchen had mediated between humans and spirits.
  • Avatars are believed to have to communicate in reverse order of the previous lives.
  • Kuruk idolized Yangchen to a fault.
  • The spot where they are now in north Chung-Ling was where Kuruk meditated/recovered after his own spiritual journeys
  • “No Avatar is ever the same person.”

Chapter 14: The Message

  • Flashbacks to early in Kuruk’s term as the Avatar. Only weeks prior had he been told.
  • Kuruk and Jianzhu tried sneaking into a pen to get a sky bison.
  • Kelsong was the same age as Jianzhu and Kuruk.
  • Kuruk liked Hei-ran from the start but she denied him instantly.
  • Kelsong had visited the spirit world by mistake once.
  • Meadow near Yao ping, in the earth kingdom, where Yangchen practiced airbending.
  • Kyoshi had experienced many of Kuruk’s intimate early Avatarhood, and a night elapsed for her.
  • The spirits, it seems, have declared Chaejin to be the rightful ruler.

Chapter 15: Interlude: Survival

  • The duel between Yun and Father Glowworm raged for 3 days and 3 nights. Or at least it seemed like that long.
  • If Kuruk hadn’t weakened Father Glowworm “all those years ago” he would have finished Yun in an instant.
  • Yun combined with Father Glowworm by eating his eye. This created a permanent hole in “the Weave.”

Chapter 16: Resignation

  • If the townsfolk see the sign it’d be a declaration of war.
  • It is a Holy day.
  • Rangi attacks Koulin, after she disgraces her mother. Rangi wins very quickly.
  • This whole fight was a perfect diversion for Yun to attack Hei-ran.
  • He sank a dagger into Hei-ran’s throat.

Chapter 17: Weakness

  • She chooses to save Hei-ran’s life over chasing down Yun.
  • Some of the townsfolk broke the taboo of no firebending on a holiday.
  • This is what the beginnings of wars look like in the Fire Nation.
  • Rangi had never called her Avatar Kyoshi before. She breaks up with Kyoshi.
  • It usually takes Rangi a week to forgive Hei-ran.
  • Yun’s specialty was cutting deals.

Chapter 18: Escalation

  • It’s discovered that the Saowon and Yun have struck a bargain, and he’s using salt to kill the crops.
  • nobody in the Fire Nation had ever heard of this earth bending technique.
  • “The Festival of Szeto is not over yet.”
  • Kyoshi confronts Huazo. They kidnap her. Don’t bring Rangi along.

Chapter 19: The Companion

  • Kyoshi had “17 or so years of life.”
  • Lord Chaeryu became convinced he could do better than Huazo.
  • Fortunes rise and fall quicker here in the Fire Nation.
  • “In those days, the Saowon were weak.
  • Huazo was one of the best Saowon leaders in their history.
  • Taz was likely the warlord that unified the Fire Islands.
  • Zoryu was given a Saowon name by his mother who isn’t Saowon, and that made that Clan very angry.
  • Jinpa is of the White Lotus. He has been working with Kyoshi for three or four dangerous missions.

Chapter 20: The Edge

  • Kyoshi tells Fire Lord Zoryu his plan.
  • Master Jianzhu used to own the home that Kyoshi is keeping Huazo in. She threatens the two of them.
  • Kuruk tells Kyoshi this isn’t who she is.
  • Kyoshi let’s them go.

Chapter 21: Shapes of Life and Death

  • It would take a day or two for Huazo and Chaejin to making it up to the Capital from Jianzhu’s home.
  • Yun comes clean as working with the Saowon, but it’s an actor.

Chapter 22: Housecleaning

  • Yun and Jianzhu had previously spoken to Zoryu about restarting the doppelgänger program before Kyoshi knew she was the Avatar.
  • Kyoshi broke her oaths to the Daofei
  • Zoryu cowers before Kyoshi’s threat.
  • Zoryu explains Yun’s reasoning.

Chapter 23: Second Chances

  • The Festival of Szeto is abandoned.
  • Kyoshi again tries to commune with Kuruk.
  • “I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for the longest time.” Says Kuruk.
  • Kuruk once hunted spirits.
  • After touching Kyoshi, Kuruk’s memories flood her again.

Chapter 24: Lost Friends

  • During Kuruk’s time as the Avatar, a spirit found a crack through the seams of the spirit world into the physical one in Yao Ping an.
  • He was the right Avatar to take down a beastly spirit.
  • Killing the spirit had cost him a piece of himself.
  • Kuruk slept with a maid, which may have began to break his Avatar team apart.
  • Second spirit in cavern on Ma’inka island.
  • Nyahitha met him after this.
  • Kuruk was out of the running for longest eta in Avatar history books.
  • All of a sudden cracks were forming all over the Four Nations into the Spirit world.
  • Twilights of hallowed dates, usually high time for spirit incursions, no longer seemed to matter.
  • Kuruk tried to mask his weaknesses with a hedonistic lifestyle.
  • Kuruk didn’t show up to Hei-ran’s wedding, because a spirit tried to break through a day before.
  • The curse on Kuruk had been growing “over the years.”
  • Kuruk dealt lasting damage to Father Glowworm to keep it away from the human world for at least a generation or two.
  • Yun was in complete control of his actions.

Chapter 25: Interlude: The Man from the Spirit World

  • Flashback to shortly after Yun took out Father Glowworm.
  • Yun walked into a boom town, whose bricks wouldn’t even last a few years.
  • 6 thousand 20th day of the era of Yun?? Meaning a little over a year has passed in Shadow of Kyoshi.
  • 6020 days into his era meant Yun had been trapped in the Spirit World for about a week.

Chapter 26: Home Again

  • A month had passed since Zoryu’s victory. Kyoshi back in Yokoya.
  • “She was and will always be from this village.” (Yokoya)
  • Jianzhu’s mansion had been neglected.
  • Yun was waiting for her.
  • Gun claims he doesn’t know what she’s been doing these past “few weeks”.
  • Kyoshi is the fastest learner of healing Atuat has ever trained.
  • Kyoshi faces off against Yun.
  • After their time in the fire nation, Kyoshi asked Jinpa to collect Wong and Kirima.
  • Kyoshi kills Yun before trying to save the life of Rangi.
  • She believed that this was the most underwhelming use if the Avatar State in history. She drew water from the well and healed Rangi with it.

Chapter 27: The Meeting

  • The year of Yun’s birth was the same as hers, the year Kuruk died.
  • Kyoshi didn’t have a family name.
  • Usually graves are labeled with the exact day of the era of the avatar the person died on. Yun’s is blank.
  • Kyoshi follows a Falconfox to a clearing to commune with past Avatars.
  • Yangchen finally communes with Kyoshi.
  • Szeto was known for his rigid discipline.
  • The spirits that Kuruk had to fight were the ones that Yangchen neglected by siding with humans. They became dark and wrathful.
  • “My choices ultimately led to Kuruk’s suffering.”
  • “There’s a thousand generations of past lives in the Avatar Cycle.”
  • Yangchen famously enforced a great peace upon the world.


  • Chancellor Caoli is Dairin’s successor.
  • Zoryu would have to break the clans to find true peace in the fire Nation. It would be a generational project, it would take decades, centuries.
  • Rain, so late in the season? It almost never happened.
  • This is after the Festival of Szeto.
  • Kyoshi sends Tieguai the immortal to threaten Zoryu so he doesn’t try to hide any atrocities.