The Rise of Kyoshi

(Novel by F. C. Yee)

Chapter 1: The Test

  • “Yellowneck Uprising” in the deep interior of the earth Kingdom.
  • Jianzhu and Kelsang hold a test to determine next Avatar. The same test used on Avatar Aang.
  • Avatar Kuruk “passed away at the ripe old age of 33.” The only time Kuruk had ever been early for anything.
  • The Elemental cycle is “a process stretching back nearly a thousand generations before Kuruk.”
  • “It had been 7 years since Kuruk’s death. 7 years of fruitless searching.” “The hunt for the Avatar had never faltered like this in documented history.”
  • Avatar’s are prepared for their duties at the assumption of their power at the age of 16.

Chapter 2: Nine Years Later

  • last jar of spicy pickled kelp “this year.” Kelp grows best from Fall and spring in the real world.

Chapter 3: The Boy from Makapu

  • History is full of Avatars who wanted to “take it easy.”
  • Yun wants to work hard because he was discovered as the Avatar so late.
  • Jianzhu has been trying to renegotiate a contract with the daofei Queen of the seas for years.
  • They recently surveyed the damage of the largest coordinated raid of the east coast mainlands in over a century.
  • Avatar Kuruk was unable to translate his talent to leadership on the world stage.

Chapter 4: Honest Work

  • “For the past decade, Kelsong had essentially raised” Kyoshi.
  • in the years since Kuruk died, Jianzhu amassed great wealth and influence.
  • Kyoshi recites a verse of song Kuruk once used.

Chapter 5: Revelations

  • Jianzhu identified Yun as the Avatar “nearly 2 years ago”.
  • In the last day of their trip in Makapu, Yun played the same paisho tiles and strategies as Kuruk.
  • Kuruk was one the greatest paisho players in history.
  • “About 20 years ago.” Kuruk’s companions began to drift apart. Hei-Ran got married that year. Abbot Dorjay was still alive. “Two months after Hei-Ran’s wedding, 3 months before Jianzhu’s father got sick,” Kuruk composed that song for Hei-Ran that Kyoshi recited. “Not long after, Kuruk met Umi.”

Chapter 6: Promises

  • Yun wants to be as good as previous avatars’ Yangchen and Salai. Salai is the first named predecessor of Szeto.
  • It took Kyoshi a long time to convince herself that she wasn’t in love with Yun.

Chapter 7: The Iceberg:

  • Kyoshi had a dream of her parents.
  • Kuruk’s companions weren’t the most positive of influences.
  • Because of Queen Tadaka, the position of Admiral of Ba Sing Se is defunct.
  • The Yellowneck Uprising ended when Jianzhu buried 5000 men alive.
  • Queen Tagaka kidnapped over a thousand slaves from the earth kingdom between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice.
  • Kyoshi’s first connection with the Avatar State: she brings the ocean floor up to meet the iceberg.

Chapter 8: The Fracture

  • Northern and Southern Earth Kingdom dialects are so different they’re starting to become different languages.
  • If Kuruk were alive he’d be at the peak of his power.
  • First time the fire navy has been able to fly military colors in the eastern sea since the reign of the 22nd earth king.
  • “You were asleep for 3 days, Kyoshi.”

Chapter 9: Desperate Measure

  • Hei-Ran gives Kyoshi a test meant to test firebending in Fire Nation babies.
  • Kyoshi and Yun have previously shared intimate moments.

Chapter 10: The Spirit

  • The first time Kuruk practiced going into the Avatar state, they went to a small atoll. After he was done the island wasn’t there anymore.
  • “It’s not the solstice, but it’s almost twilight.” Time when communion with spirits is greatest.
  • Jianzhu calls spirit “Father Glowworm”. He is the oldest and wisest of the spirits. Kho has been in contact with humans before this.
  • Father Glowworm has “tangled” with many of the Avatars past lives.
  • Kyoshi revealed to be the true Avatar.
  • Father Glowworm has reason to want revenge on Kuruk.
  • Yun is sacrificed to Father Glowworm.
  • Jianzhu kills Kelsong.
  • Kyoshi enters the Avatar state fully for the first time.

Chapter 11: The Inheritance

  • When she was “10 or thereabouts” a traveling fireworks vendor was paid to put on a show in Yokoya to celebrate the end of the first harvest. She found a “violated landscape” after being violently ill.
  • Rangi joins Kyoshi on the run.

Chapter 12: The Decision

  • Kyoshi’s case, being found so late, has never happened in Fire Nation history, according to Rangi. In the fire nation, they hold a festival larger than Twin Sun day when a fire avatar is chosen.
  • Kyoshi destroys the turtle toy she received from Kelsong when she was a kid by mistake.

Chapter 13: Adaptation

  • Hei-ran and Jianzhu begin looking for Rangi and Kyoshi.

Chapter 14: The Introduction

  • “For the past 9 years Kyoshi had never” set eyes on open flatland.
  • Rangi knew about Kyoshi’s past.
  • The Flying Opera Company hadn’t heard the passphrase that Kyoshi spoke in “years”.
  • Rangi knew her parents were daofei.
  • “Jessa and Hark slowed down considerably for a few years,” when Kyoshi was born in the Earth Kingdom.
  • They abandoned Kyoshi when she was 5 or 6 in a farming village.
  • Her mother and father died three years ago from fever.
  • Crackdowns on smuggling have been severe the past few years.
  • Kyoshi’s journal must be a decade old. With entries that go back further
  • Lek would have been 3 years old during the Flying Opera Company’s heyday.

Chapter 15: Escape

  • Kyoshi’s mother was an Airbender.
  • Lao Ge was rumored to be 200 years old. Known as Tieguai the Immortal.
  • He’d assassinated the 40th earth king.

Chapter 16: The Agreement

  • Sun hadn’t risen yet. Rangi puts Kyoshi in horse stance.
  • Kyoshi’s mum was born at the Eastern air temple, became a master at a very young age.
  • Her mother was one of the worst air nomad disgraces in recent memory.
  • Lek was picked up after the last of his family died at the Misty Palms Oasis.
  • Kyoshi swears in as a daofei.

Chapter 17: Obligations

  • Hei-ran and Jianzhu meet twice a day to discuss Kyoshi’s possible whereabouts.
  • Hui has been in the ear of Beifong for about a year, scheming to take control of the Avatar away from Jianzhu.
  • Yangchen used to write love poetry.
  • Lu Beifong was Jianzhu’s old master. Wu-mei, his wife is now dead.
  • Hui wasn’t around during the Yellowneck uprising.
  • Hui’s undercutting the proposal for a Southern Water Tribe navy will have ramifications for centuries (as seen in Book One of Avatar: The Last Airbender).
  • Jianzhu had been buying off nobles and leaders for years.

Chapter 18: The Town

  • The Taihua mountains were said “to have swallowed armies in” Ba Sing Se’s founding.
  • Once every decade or so, the wind would shift, blowing red dust onto the mountains, making it look like bloody snow.
  • After Kyoshi’s parents died, and Pong-Pong left, they exchanged favors from the Autumn Bloom Society. Moon Peaches usually bloom in Spring.
  • The Autumn Bloom started off after the Yellownecks scattered.
  • “The world waited years for an Avatar. It can wait a little longer. And so can you.”
  • Te Sihung’s family inherited an old mansion dating from the 30-somethingth earth king.
  • Leader of the Yellownecks has been locked up for 8 years. That’s how long it’s taken for the Autumn Bloom to grow strong enough to break him out.
  • The attack on Governor Te’s palace is scheduled 30 days from now.
  • Rangi and Kyoshi get together.

Chapter 19: The Beast

  • In the old days earth kings would hunt down political enemies with shirzu
  • Shirshu haven’t been seen in the wild for “at least a generation.”

Chapter 20: The Avatar’s Masters

  • Earth Kings and Avatars past used to come to each other’s aid.
  • First time Kyoshi admits she is the Avatar.
  • First time Kyoshi waterbends.
  • No former Avatar that Kyoshi had known had outlaw companions.
  • “The next full moon” is Mok’s assault.
  • “It takes years for the Avatar to master all four elements.”
  • Rangi’s lineage is an unbroken chain of fire ending teachers, having trained members of the royal family.
  • Kuruk was said to be the greatest hunter to ever walk the four nations.

Chapter 21: Preparations

  • Kyoshi’s firebending is coming easier now.
  • “They say bad things happen to avatars who don’t follow the natural order of bending.” Earth-fire-air-water
  • Guru Shoken was a contemporary with Laghima.
  • “Yangchen was a devoted reader of Shoken.”
  • Lao Ge claims he was always better looking than Shoken, meaning he’s older than Kyoshi assumes.

Chapter 22: Conclusions

  • Jianzhu and his riding partners reached the mountains of Ba Sing Se very fast.
  • Jianzhu used to track criminals through footprints using earthbending.
  • The inhabitants of Hujiang “evacuated some days ago.”

Chapter 23: Questions and Meditations

  • The harvest was good this year.
  • “Te hasn’t opened his silos for 5 years.” Selling reserves for off the book profits every year since he’s been appointed Governor.
  • The 30th earth king was of the Hou(?) dynasty.

Chapter 24: The Face of Tradition

  • Full moon: time for raid on Governor Te’s mansion.
  • Kyoshi gets her makeup done for the first time.

Chapter 25: The Raid

  • The boy is the Governor. He wasn’t old enough to shave. He’s 15, soon. “He’s Lek’s age.”
  • His father was Governor before him.
  • The day before Kyoshi was scheduled to begin training with Kirima, Rangi made her practice airbending.
  • Lao Ge hasn’t failed to take his man in a long time.
  • It took 8 years to rescue him

Chapter 26: The Challenge

  • Xu Ping An is a bloodthirsty madman
  • After Kuruk died they were known as The Dark Days
  • Years ago Lao Ge passed through a town in the wake of the Yellownecks. The town was “stacked.”
  • “A single moon ago, Kyoshi was the weak link.”
  • “The second harvest wouldn’t be ready though”
  • Kyoshi challenges Xu Ping An to a lei tai.
  • Xu Ping An uses lightning bending.

Chapter 27: Dues

  • Kyoshi had never heard of bending lightning.
  • Kyoshi succumbs to the Avatar State during Lei Tai.
  • Kyoshi defeats Xu Ping An by dropping him from a great height. He dies.

Chapter 28: Memories

  • Kyoshi was knocked out for 3 days.
  • Kyoshi’s parents spent their “last years with” Lek instead of Kyoshi.
  • Leks brother Chen was locked up in a gibbit. He threw rocks at the gibbit for days. Until he passed out. And Jess and Hark picked him up. He couldn’t use his arm for two weeks afterwards.
  • Day Grove, the village, doesn’t exist anymore.

Chapter 29: The Ambush

  • A little more than a week ago there was an explosion of activity coming from Hue’s offices, which is equivalent to the message that the guard sent out to Hue in that Daofe town.
  • “You said Hue started his moves a week ago.” They’re trying to take the reins of the Avatar away from Jianzhu.
  • Jianzhu believes he has about 3 weeks to ready a statement on Kyoshi
  • Jianzhu had kept Xu Ping An alive so the Fire Nation could study his bending. Was a skill so rare, some thought it was lost to the ages.
  • The next day Hue brings a caravan to Jianzhu’s place.
  • Jianzhu poisons the company of Earth Kingdom Sages.

Chapter 30: Farewells

  • Kyoshi’s hands are burned.
  • Kyoshi is technically the leader of the Yellownecks.
  • The gloves Kyoshi buys once we’re commissioned by a colonel who died before he could pick them up.
  • Rangi taken by Jianzhu’s forces. Lek dies.

Chapter 31: The Return

  • The Western coast of the Earth continent had been decimated of it leadership.
  • Hei Ron still alive. It’s been a day since poisoning.
  • Jianzhu meets Kyoshi in a tea house.
  • Yun shows up, wreaks havoc.
  • Kyoshi joined Lao Ge in his daily longevity exercises.
  • Wong steals a ring that allows him direct personal conversation with the Earth King.

Chapter 32: Hauntings

  • Kyoshi visits the Southern Air Temple
  • Kyoshi’s companions part ways.
  • Kyoshi reveals herself to the elders of the Southern Air Temple.
  • Jinpa was to work with Kyoshi for the foreseeable future.
  • “Only a few weeks ago,” Jianzhu sent out new copies of his will, placing Kyoshi’s name as the sole heir.
  • “Each Avatar was born in fitting times to an era that needed them.”
  • The people revered Yangchen.
  • The people smiled at Kuruk.
  • Jinpa possibly a member of the White Lotus.
  • Kuruk in his 30s reaches out to Kyoshi, asking him for help.