The Dawn of Yangchen

(Novel by F. C. Yee)

Prologue: Voices of the Past

  • Mesose was a famous scholar of the Ru Ming Era. He was a companion of Avatar Gun. Died when Gun failed to hold back a tsunami.
  • Many tomes in the Western Air Temple library were so old they were written on bamboo scrolls.
  • Yangchen is 8 years old.
  • Yangchen once spoke to Zhoulai, an Earth King who died 3 centuries ago. Many of the names of individuals she spoke with were past Avatar companions.
  • After Mesose died, Gun gave up on Avatar duties for a time.
  • Air Nomads don’t tell their Avatars that they are Avatars until age 16.

Chapter 1: The First Step

  • Yangchen, age 11, knew who she was.
  • She keeps having these visions.
  • Jetsun guides Yangchen into the spirit world, or tries to, for the first time.
  • Her first feat as the Avatar: entering the Spirit Realm.

Chapter 2: Voices of the Present

  • Tonight is the anniversary of Teiin’s grandfather’s death.
  • Shang Teiin is 60.
  • Kavik was the errand runner who broke into Gidu shrine a week ago.
  • The earth king has been going on a rampage, killing followers supposedly.
  • Kavik’s a water bender and he’s breaking into… somewhere. A shed?
  • A girl, 16 or so with an arrow on her head walked in. It’s Yangchen he’s trying to burgle.

Chapter 3: Flight

  • Kavik uses Yangchen as cover to flee her guards.
  • Kavik is caught.

Chapter 4: Forgiveness

  • Yangchen fires guards.
  • Yangchen has never been alone.
  • she forgives Kavik and frees him.
  • He gives Mama Ayunerak a bag of coins and tells her to visit family she hasn’t seen in a while.
  • Yangchen follows Kavik home

Chapter 5: Unwinding

  • Yangchen eats dinner with their fam.
  • They had originally come to Bin-Er to weather out the hard times and bad hunting seasons. This was 5 years ago.
  • The city has changed so much in 5 years.

Chapter 6: The Visitor

  • Yangchen says Kavik is in her pockets now.

Chapter 7: The Proposition

  • She recruits Kavik. The Avatar needs new help.
  • “Companions of the Avatar went down in the annals of history.”

Chapter 8: The Parade

  • The next day. She’s sleeping in an ancient inn.
  • It’s currently winter.
  • “Thousands of years do not give way to a decade.” In reference to the Shangs.
  • “Her joints were still young. Only 17 years of use on them.” Yangchen is 17.
  • the Avatar had been both a general and a sailor in past lives.
  • Someone throws food and a pot at the avatar.

Chapter 9: Theater

  • Henshe is the young Shang ever, in his mid-20s.
  • “Eight years ago the loyalist forces of earth king Feishan and the rebel legions of General Nong danced around each other, avoiding war. The Fire Nation and Water Tribes conspired to back Nong. They supplied the general with more valuable money in platinum. Feishan found the right moment and wiped Nong off the face of the map.
  • Avatar Szeto was her forebear. So he was from the Fire Nation. He held the unique position as grand advisor to the Fire Lord.

Chapter 10: Keeping Score

  • Yangchen threatens them with treason against Feishan.
  • She’s been surveilling the imports for weeks.
  • Boma claims she’s scheduled for a meeting with the Earth King “3 months from now.”

Chapter 11: Fallback Plans

  • Henshe wishes she had come to him about the extra shipments first.
  • Yangchen had done more embarrassing things than climbing through sooty abandoned tunnels before.
  • At least some of her past lives were likely claustrophobic. She briefly assumed their memories.
  • The Avatar who followed Szeto was more foolhardy than fearful.

Chapter 12: Outside Options

  • Henshe has attendant climb to the roof, who eventually falls.
  • Noehi’s father had been given the pearl monopoly.OSE
  • Unanimity – a plan set in motion by Henshe’s predecessor.
  • She had observed dozens upon dozens of past Avatars.

Chapter 13: The Trade

  • Kavik had been 12 years old when they moved to the continent.
  • Kalyaan stopped showing up to work after 6 moons, though he still came home in the evening.
  • Kalyaan never came home again after the bookkeepers clients were poached.

Chapter 14: Reading Leaves

  • Kyoshi wanted Kavik to go to Qiu.
  • Yangchen and Kavik are the same age.
  • Ayunerak has lived in Bin-Er since before the Platinum Affair.

Chapter 15: The Northern Air Temple

  • The fake ID Kavik was given, belonged to one of a water tribesman who had access from Bin-Er and Northern Air Temple. They’ve been doing that route for decades.
  • It took them 4 miserable days by wagon. The 5th day they got to their destination.
  • “Kavik had been breathing pure mountain air for the past couple of days.”
  • Kavik’s first time saving a life. The woman had been found the day prior, unconscious. Her son most likely didn’t make it.

Chapter 16: Making Ready

  • Avatar Yangchen was 8 when she named her bison Nujian, or “arrow”.
  • Air nomad relief, dated from thousands of years ago, depict bison that are less than companionable.
  • After death, they’ll put up a statue of Yangchen in the Air Nomad Elder statue hall in the Northern Air Temple.
  • Jetsun is dead. “She died a while ago, before” Yangchen really got started with her work.
  • Yangchen says “she struck a deal with a titan,” or large spirit. It destroyed the village of Tien Hi She(?) She had already gone into the Avatar State by this point.
  • The Sun went down early this time of year.

Chapter 17: Breaking In

  • Heavy winter clothing is a thing of the past where they’re headed. Jonduri
  • The waterbender Kavik meets has spent some time in Bin-Er before the Platinum Affair.
  • Kavik bleeds for the Avatar (breaks nose)

Chapter 18: A Place to Lay One’s Head

  • The first water tribesman who weren’t upset with him about his brother’s actions.
  • Tayagum and Akuudan are friends of the Avatar. They were expedition quartermasters at the time of the Platinum Affair. They were in General Nong’s employ. After they were captured, the Avatar freed them.

Chapter 19: A Meeting of Minds

  • “The Pearls of Laghima” is a group of essays Yangchen knew by heart. Also, the complete works of Shoken. Shoken was a contemporary of Laghima.
  • The Songdu of Jonduri was only a bit older than Henshe. About 30. Chaisee was about 7 months pregnant.

Chapter 20: The Gamble

  • By the third day in Jonduri, the Avatar hadn’t arrived at the safe house.
  • This was the worst uprising in Chaisee term so far.
  • There’s a crescent moon overhead.

Chapter 21: Legitimate Business

  • Sa’wan(?) clan dating back to pre-unification history.
  • Szeto had been able to handle the Sa’wan clan and opposing clans.
  • Ma’inka had a problem previously between the spirits and the Saowan clan, that Yangchen thought was settled.
  • Yangchen was known best for her healing abilities.

Chapter 22: The Dispute

  • On bonding day, the day air nomads bond with Sky Bison, most of the bison flocked to Yangchen.
  • Old Iron was the name of the spirit she fought in that city that was destroyed.
  • It’s possible that time in the spirit world could last much longer than the physical. And thus, it’s possible the avatar would have been gone long enough for people to age in the physical world. Some say of weeks or months elapsing.
  • if Yangchen left now, she’d be more than 3 days late for her checkin with Kavik.
  • The people of the Saowan clan aren’t to regrow their hair for 50 years, or 500 moons to be exact. Meaning there are 10 moons in each year.
  • Chaisee claims to have found one of her spies from Bin-Er. Most likely it’s Qiu and not Kavik.

Chapter 23: Loose Ends

  • Qiu was killed.
  • Yangchen is back from Ma’inka.

Chapter 24: Remembrance

  • 8 years old, Kavik believes he’s cursed the hunt. Hadn’t yet had his growth spurt. They wandered for a month before returning to the tribe.
  • Kalyaan lost two fingers that trip.
  • That was about the time the tribes started migrating to earth kingdom Shang towns.
  • Yangchen and Kavik mourn the dead.

Chapter 25: The Numbers Game

  • Jujinta had killed his own brother.
  • “A few days before” he and Jujinta got their next job from Tail.
  • There are a bunch of shipments that are stockpiled where Kavik needs to hit, shipments that should have gone out days ago, and those that won’t go out for weeks.
  • Yangchen was an accountant in a past life.
  • The job goes wrong, the crates get burned before they figure out what’s up.

Chapter 26: The Reckoning

  • Kalyaan was the leader of the Association.

Chapter 27: Closing the Deal

  • Chaisee said “No” to Henshe’s request for Unanimity.
  • Henshe has a few more years left as Song Du of Bin-Er.
  • Kalyaan had been a plant in Jonduri by Henshe. It had been a while since they last spoke.

Chapter 28: Following Through

  • Kalyaan worked with/for Henshe before he was a Song Du.
  • Kavik gives the Avatar false info, fed by Kalyaan.
  • Kavik spends the next two days in the Association’s headquarters.
  • next day Kavik gets on ship containing Unanimity, headed for Bin-Er.

Chapter 29: Dreams Within Dreams

  • Yangchen had the Southern Chieftain’s polar bear dog eating out of her hands at 8.
  • A past Avatar feared the Spirit World.
  • Jetsun died helping Yangchen survive the spirit realm.

Chapter 30: Basic Tradecraft

  • Jetsun was honored as an Avatar’s Companion.
  • She spent two weeks after Jetsun’s funeral learning which past Avatar was scared of the Spirit Realm. She never found anything.
  • She’s tailed/attacked in Tuugaq
  • Most of Port Tugock constructed after Platinum Affair
  • White Lotus gambit is part of “ancient ways.”

Chapter 31: Conversations

  • Yangchen sleeps for an hour after being let into White Lotus. No ships have gone out since sunset.
  • first meal she’d eaten in days
  • The paths of White Lotus and Avatar never cross unless for cases of generational import.
  • Yangchen had been spied upon since childhood, since before the world knew her as the Avatar.
  • Mam travels from the north regularly to Tuugaq

Chapter 32: Traces

  • No records of a ship called Sunbeam docking in Tuugaq the past two months.
  • She enters the Avatar State to clean off the hillside of snow.
  • “an early spring time of her own making” meaning it still isn’t winter.

Chapter 33: Last Chances

  • Kavik is in the Queen of Omashu.
  • “The next few days could be important.”
  • Unanimity are the three people that dock with the shipment?
  • Bin-Er has gotten worse since Kavik was last there.

Chapter 34: Clarity

  • Kavik had met Boma before they left Bin-Er.
  • After sending a message to the Avatar, Kavik stayed in the inn for the “next few days”
  • Mama Ayunerak had weathered great troubles in decades past.
  • Unanimity is explosives. Henshe can no longer be challenged.
  • the Avatar was in Bin-Er.

Chapter 35: The Display

  • Explosion benders. Much had been invested in cultivating this power.
  • Henshe orders Thappa to kill some civilians after raising the price by 20x.
  • Avatar stops him.

Chapter 36: Exposure

  • Kavik had tailed the Explosion Benders the previous days.
  • The Avatar reveals herself to her enemy.
  • Jujinta attacks, avatar saves enemy

Chapter 37: Reconciling

  • Kavik comes clean with the Avatar.
  • she denounces him as a Companion, but not as an asset.

Chapter 38: The Earth King

  • Warm spell in winter.
  • Earth King Feishan was 28
  • Yangchen lies to the Earth King.
  • Avatar Szeto knows a great deal about administration
  • Szeto had never met a Shang city, or dealt with a situation like the Platinum affair, or an earth king like Feishan
  • Feishan and Yangchen make an agreement.

Chapter 39: Honored Guests

  • None of the Avatars had ever seen anything like the power displayed at Bin-Er.
  • It’s still winter.
  • Airbenders used as jailers.
  • Interior of the Avatars quarters in Northern Air Temple remained the way Szeto left it.


  • Wildflowers began popping up in Bin-Er. Spring?
  • Kavik’s being tailed. Attacked. Mama Ayunerak saves him.
  • Mama Ayunerak is part of the white lotus. She recruits Kavik.