Toruk: The First Flight

Toruk: The First Flight is a Cirque Du Soleil play set c. 3000 years before the first Avatar film. Watch it on DailyMotion.
  • “Since the times of the first songs, we the Na’vi have proudly braved the elements that so often unleash their worst.” (1:28)
  • Ralu is the younger Na’vi boy, the older is Entu.
  • Entu’s mother was killed when he was very young, and Ralu’s family raised him. (4:00)
  • “Tonight, Ralu and Entu will have their most important experience of their young lives. Iknimaya; their initiation.” (8:09)
  • Ralu passes his initiation. Entu runs off, not having the courage to succeed. (18:00)
  • The Tree of Souls “is in danger of being destroyed by a volcanic eruption.” (19:00)
  • The Omatikaya tries to unite the clans. (20:10)
  • “Tsyal is the daughter of the Tawkami chief.” (28:00) The Tawkami are master botanists.
  • They reach the Anurai clan. (39:33)
  • Every night Entu is plagued with dreams of the creature that killed his parents. (40:15)
  • “The chief of the Kekunan recognizes the signs of a prophecy that has been passed down in his clan from generation to generation.” (1:02:27)
  • “What madness! No Na’vi has ever dared to ride the Toruk.” (1:03:35)
  • Entu becomes the first ever Toruk Makto. (1:14:16)
  • The Toruk gives its life for the Tree of Souls. (1:15:12)