Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path

Tsu’teys Path is a 6-issue comic series that runs concurrent with the first Avatar film. Buy it here.

Issue #1:

May 20th/21st, 2154

Tsu’tey and Neytiri try to commune with Eywa at the request of Eytukan and Mo’at, but Eywa has nothing to say. Tsu’tey later trains the hunters of the tribe to be better at their craft. Neytiri finds the dreamwalker, Jake Sully and brings it to the camp. It is forbidden for a dreamwalker to enter their camp, but because he is a warrior they are curious about him, and Eytukan tells Neytiri to train him.

  • Tsu’tey is betrothed to Neytiri, but was in love with her sister Sylwanin who died two years prior.

Issue #2:

May 22nd/23rd, 2154

Tsu’tey takes the hunters to bond with the Pa’li, and they do so adeptly, but because Eytukan believes they will soon be at war with the Sky People, he pushes Tsu’tey to have them bond with the ikram next. Tsu’tey, upset by how recent events have shaped themselves, seeks out his past love, Sylwanin, for guidance, but she tells him to look to the living.

The next day, Tsu’tey tries to get Jake Sully to make a fool of himself by having him go first in ikran bonding, and somehow he manages to get it on his first try.

  • Today is the day the hunters earn their Pa’li bonds.
  • The first bond, or tsaheyu, is with one’s mother, and the second is the communion with Utraya Mokri, the tree of voices.
  • “Pa’liyä maktoyu is not a forever bond,” like an ikran bond.
  • Eytukan believes it’s time to push them to ikranä maktoyu. This is “tomorrow’s lesson.”
  • “You were taken from me years ago, Sylwanin.” The Sky People killed her.
  • Jake Sully bonds with a ikran.
  • The next day they plan to hunt as ikran makto.

Issue #3:

July/August 2154

Grace Augustine comes to the village and Tsu’tey welcomes her like a mother. Jake performs admirably on the hunt as ikran makto. He fells a great beast. Later he and Neytiri go off to mate, and Tsu’tey goes to be with himself. Saeyla follows him and tells him that he and Neytiri are bonded, but he doesn’t believe her.

The next morning the tanks come to attack the village. It is made known that Jake and Neytiri mated. Tsu’tey attacks Jake.

  • Grace Augustine’s return to the Omaticaya clan appears to occur in May, despite chronologically appearing to occur sometime in July or August in the film (though this is during a montage of events, so it may not have been shown chronologically). The events of this comic are unclear in how much time elapses.
  • Jake Sully and Neytiri go off alone the night after their hunt.
  • That morning the Tree of Voices is attacked by the tanks.

Issue #4:

August 19th/20th, 2154

After a brief struggle between Tsu’tey and Jake Sully, the avatars of grace and Jake fall limp, as they’ve been pulled out of them. The following morning the bodies of Grace and Jake’s avatars are reanimated, as they try to warn them of the coming attack on the great hometree. Because he originally came to the Na’vi to be the bearer of bad news for the people, he has since come to be one of them, but they still feel betrayed. Tsu’tey has them bound.

Issue #5:

August 20th/21st, 2154

The Hometree is attacked. Eytukan dies in the skirmish, and Tsu’tey is made the new olo’eyktan. After the battle, the body of Eytukan is laid to rest with Eywa. During the proceeding, Jake Sully arrives on the back of a toruk, demanding an audience.

  • Eytukan dies during the attack on the tree the next day. Tsu’tey is named the next olo’eyktan.

Issue #6:

August 21st-23rd, 2154

Grace Augustine is dying and he wants Mo’at to try and bring her back from death through a prayer with Eywa, but it’s too late. She dies. Jake Sully then has Tsu’tey translate for him. They need to gather all the clans and go to war against the Sky People. Tsu’tey fights alongside toruk makta. He falls in battle, and he asks Jake Sully to be Olo’eyktan. At first Jake says no, but at last he relents. He puts Tsu’tey out of his misery, and he is returned to Eywa, and spends his afterlife with Sylwanin.

  • Grace Augustine dies.
  • Tsu’tey dies. Jake Sully becomes Olo’eyktan.