Avatar: The Next Shadow

Avatar: The Next Shadow is a 4-part comic series that occurs two weeks after the first Avatar film. Buy it here.

Issue #1:

September 7, 2154

Neytiri volunteers to head to the plains to help the Olangi clan, who suffered greatly during the Pandoran War. Jake Sully struggles with his new role as leader of the Omaticaya clan, the olo’eyktan. He has resettled them near Hell’s Gate.

While the RDA has left the planet some two weeks prior, a skeleton crew of human scientists have been left behind to continue the research, alongside the Na’vi. Norm Spellman tells Jake that the grinders have stopped and that Katherine Hale needs help, because Ka’ani is stopping her from dozing the land. Jake helps settle the dispute, but it’s a temporary fix.

Ateyo, the father of Tsu’tey, and Arvok, Tsu’tey’s brother, claim that Arvok was next in line to be olo’eyktan, and that Jake Sully took the succession from him. Ateyo tells Arvok of a nonlethal way for his son to challenge Sully for the position, but doesn’t tell him that his mother, Artsut and he are planning to kill Jake Sully in the process.

  • “It’s been two weeks since I passed through the Eye of Eywa.” “Fourteen days in this body.”
  • The Olangi clan suffered the greatest casualties in the war against the Sky People.
  • Hometree was the Omaticaya’s living memory.
  • The Na’vi were situated next to Hell’s Gate (the human base camp).
  • When the RDA was kicked off the planet, they destroyed all their gear on the way out.

Issue #2:

The humans blow off some steam and fire at the old RDA vehicles, the ones the Na’vi also blew off steam with. Meanwhile, Mo’at, alongside some human scientists, attempt to administer aid to those with burns. Jake is there challenged by Arvok to the rite of First Blood, over the title of olo’eyktan. The match is set, and Jake quickly overcomes the young Arvok. In his anger at losing, Arvok throws the knife at Jake, who catches it. He collapses from the poisoned blade.

  • Katherine Hale says “it’s been a rough week.”
  • “Now human and Na’vi work together and are better for it.”
  • Artsut’s hatred for Mo’at “flows back years.”
  • First Blood is an ancient ritual that is “very seldom done.”
  • Arvok challenges Jake Sully to the rite of First Blood over the position of Olo’eyktan.
  • Jake Sully is poisoned.

Issue #3:

Arvok runs away, believing that he has accidentally killed Jake Sully, and his parents Artsut and Ateyo press their advantage. But Jake Sully has not died. He’s in a coma, and is brought to the Tree of Souls. They call in Katherine Hale and Max Patel to try and see if there’s any way they can help. They ask them to go into a small cave the Na’vi cannot fit into, to retrieve a plant that will work as an antidote for Jake. If Jake dies, so does the peace brokered between the Na’vi and the remaining humans.

Issue #4:

September 8th, 2154

Katherine Hale is able to enter the cave and retrieve the flower that will be used as an antidote to save Jake. Meanwhile, in his coma, he talks with Tsu’tey about how Arvok has been in his shadow his whole life, and that his parents never favored him.

When the antidote is made and Jake wakes from his coma, he spares the lives of the traitorous Artsut and Ateyo. They are exiled, and head to the Mangkwan clan. During their first night of banishment, Arvok leaves his parents, not allowing himself to be brought down any further by their schemes.

Neytiri returns the moment she hears about Jake’s poisoning, but he appears in better spirits than he did at the start of the series.

  • Jake communes with the voices of Eytukan and Tsu’tey to help face his inner demons and self-doubt.
  • Jake is brought back to consciousness thanks to