Avatar: The High Ground

Avatar: The High Ground is a 3-volume graphic novel series. Find links to buy Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3 here.


Volume One:

After fourteen years, Jake Sully and Neytiri have had three children, and adopted two, a Na’vi and a human war orphan. Over the years Jake has been preparing the omatikaya for the inevitable return of the humans and the RDA. The Na’vi have only just made a new union with a new Hometree, one they call Elder Brother, and Jake is worried the humans will attack it in revenge.

Eventually, their ships come. It turns out that Jake has been training a war party to attack the incoming ships from orbit, in zero-g. Now the humans come and will be in orbit in just over a day. The omatikaya move away from the Elder Brother, and head to the Hallelujah Mountains.

  • The Hometree sheltered the Omatikaya for thousands of years.
  • Neteyam, son of Jake Sully is born.
  • Kiri is a war orphan that came to Jake and Neytiri to raise.
  • Aside from Neteyam and Kiri, Jake and Neytiri had two more children. Lo’ak and Tuktirey.
  • Norm Spellman had a child with his avatar.
  • Na’vi kids grow up “faster” than normal kids.
  • Kiri asked an Ikran to be her friend.
  • Miles “Spider” Socorro was a human war orphan they raised.
  • After nearly getting killed trying to get his Ikran, Jake tells Lo’ak to wait for a season or two.
  • Jake, at some point in anticipation of the Sky People returning, began training their people with guns.
  • Lo’ak bonds with an Ikran, though the amount of time that’s elapsed isn’t divulged.
  • “The omatikaya people have a new home!”
  • “You have warned of this for years, Jakesully.” Jake has been saying the RDA will return any day now.
  • Flashback to “fifteen years ago,” and a female Socorro is courted, impregnated, and eventually gives birth to Spider. Proof this may be in 2168, as the “fifteen years ago” title was prior to her being pregnant.
  • “Spider was one of the first true Pandoran humans.”
  • Paz Socorro died during the last great battle during the Pandoran War.
  • The omatikaya can’t go back to the human base (Hell’s Gate), which is where they previously were before they found the tree Elder Brother.
  • The humans sent ten ships. They’ve never sent more than one before. They hit orbit in “five days.”
  • “It takes seven years to reach Pandora from Earth.” According to the first film, it should be just short of 6 years.
  • After another practice attack in zero-g, Jake Sully asks Yeyatley for his blessing to attack the Sky People the following day.
  • The abandoned ships have been suspended by the forest canopy for “fourteen years.”
  • There’s going to be a message from their commanding officer at 1300 hours.
  • The RDA is “going to hit orbit in 26 hours.”

Volume Two:

The Na’vi head to the Hallelujah Mountains now that Sully and his war party are taking the battle to the incoming ships in orbit. The humans stay at Hell’s Gate and Spider is left there with them. Sully and his party head to meet the oncoming craft, and threaten to blow up the sites the incoming RDA employees intend to re-inhabit, and go so far as to blow up the refinery to show they mean business.

Meanwhile Neteyam sneaks into space to fight with his parents and Kiri takes Lo’ak and Tuk to retrieve Spider. Only to uncover there’s a hidden plot in the human base to undermine Jake Sully’s plan and take the RDA’s offer.

Jake and the team are forced to improvise, and they attack the ships, but only just make it out alive. General Ardmore tells them to follow their War Party back to Pandora.

  • “Tomorrow is tomorrow.” They attack the Sky People the next day.
  • Spider is sent to stay with the human McCoskers, while the rest of Sully’s family will head to the Hallelujah Mountains.
  • “For seven years we’ve been training for this hour.” The hour they would attack the RDA.
  • When they sent the RDA to earth 14 years ago, Jake kept the unobtanium.
  • As a show of strength, Jake has the ground team blow the refinery.

Volume Three:

Jake, Neytiri, Neteyam, and the rest of the war party make it back to Pandora in one piece, but they’re followed quickly by the RDA and SecOps. They quickly overtake Hell’s Gate and look for the Sully kids, but the kids have broken free and are on the run.

The SecOps send out everything in their arsenal to find and kill Jake’s family, but they find themselves back together again after some really near scrapes. They are rescued from being fired upon by Mingxia’s shuttle that provides cover fire.

They get out of there, but two of their engines are on fire, so they are unable to land. They crash land in the ocean and Mingxia is devoured by a shark. The rest of them scramble to safety amid a raging storm, until eventually a helicopter comes and takes them off to safety.