Avatar (Extended Collector’s Edition)

The timestamps below correlate only to the Extended Collector’s Edition.

2148, 2154

  • “The Bengal Tiger, extinct for over a century, is making a comeback.” (0:01:29) In the past 5 years, this is only one of the species brought back from extinction.
  • “In cryo you don’t dream at all. It doesn’t feel like 6 years.” (0:05:46)
  • “We’ve been in cryo for 5 years, 9 months, and 22 days.” (0:06:14)

May 19th, 2154

  • Norm Spellman went through avatar training with Tom Sully. (0:12:00)
  • The avatars “fully mature on the flight over.” (0:12:37)
  • “You guys can take them out tomorrow.” (0:12:44)
  • Log entry 01, presumably the day Jake arrives on Pandora, is dated to 05/19/2154. (0:13:34)
  • Documenting your journey through logs “will help you keep sane for the next 6 years.” (0:13:59)
  • Grace Augustine “literally wrote the book on Pandoran Botany.” (0:14:45)
  • Tom Sully was a PHD who studied for 3 years to work with his avatar. (0:15:25)

May 20th, 2154

  • “We built them a school, we teach them English, but after what, how many years? Relations with the indigenous are only getting worse.” (0:17:13)
  • Norm Spellman has logged about 520 hours of being linked in. (0:18:08)
  • Jake Sully goes into his avatar for the first time. (0:19:52)

May 21st, 2154

  • Jake meets Trudy Chacon. (0:24:08)
  • “We bounce at 0900.” (0:24:18)
  • “I pulled your record, Corporal. Venezuela, that was some mean bush.” (0:25:09) Jake’s previous tour of duty.
  • “I was first recon myself, few years ahead of you. Well, maybe more than a few.” (0:25:26) “Three tours in Nigeria, not a scratch. I come out here? Day one.” – Colonel Quaritch points at his scars.
  • Jake, Norm, and Grace fly aboard a helicopter to the Na’vi.
  • “This was our school. Now it’s just storage.” (0:30:40)
  • The Na’vi children “picked up English faster than” Grace could teach it. (0:30:51)
  • “The Omatikaya learned enough about us as they needed to.” (0:31:27)
  • The school was shot up. (0:31:33)
  • Neytiri receives a sign from Eywa, which stops her from killing Jake Sully. (0:38:10)
  • “Gonna have call it, guys.” (0:38:47) “We’re not allowed to run night-ops.”
  • “I don’t have all goddamn night.” (0:40:51)
  • Neytiri saves Jake Sully.
  • Jake again appears to be chosen by Eywa, and Neytiri uses this as a sign to bring her to the Omatikaya. (0:46:38)
  • Tsu’tey and his warriors surround Jake. (0:48:17)
  • “We have tried to teach other Sky People. It is hard to fill a cup that is already full.” (0:51:52)
  • “I was a warrior of the Jarhead Clan.” (0:52:14)
  • “This is the first warrior dreamwalker we have seen. We need to learn more about him.” (0:52:23)
  • The Na’vi have never met a warrior avatar before, so they want to learn what they can of him.
  • Mo’at tells Neytiri to teach Jake. (0:52:37)
  • The Na’vi head to sleep. (0:54:21)
  • Jake returns to his human body. (0:54:57)

May 22nd, 2154

  • “For reasons I cannot fathom, the Omatikaya have chosen you.” (0:55:36)
  • “We’ve tried to give them medicines, education, uhh roads.” (0:56:02)
  • “There’s one thing that shareholders hate more than bad press, and that’s a bad quarterly statement.” (0:56:55)
  • “You’ve got three months. That’s when the dozers get there.” (0:57:09)
  • “Tsu-tey. He’ll be the next clan leader.” (0:57:33)
  • “Neytiri.” “She’ll be the next tsahik. They become a mated pair.” (0:57:39)
  • “Neytiri was my best student. She and her sister, Sylwanin.” (0:58:04)
  • “She’s dead,” Grace says about Sylwanin. (0:58:15)
  • “Village life starts early.” (0:58:21)
  • Jake Sully bonds with a pa’li, or direhorse for the first time. His first tsaheylu. (0:59:18)
  • Jake explains the structure of the Hometree to the RDA. He wears the same shirt he entered his avatar in earlier that day. (1:00:46)

May 23rd, 2154

  • Grace Augustine decides to uproot their team to Site 26, after Jake is seen sharing intel with Quaritch. (1:01:13)
  • Pictures of Grace Augustine’s school. (1:04:14)
  • “Once tsaheylu is made, ikran will fly with only one hunter in the whole life.” (1:05:46)

May 30th, 2154

  • Log entry: 12 is dated to 05/30/2154 (1:07:04)
  • “The days are starting to blur together.” (1:07:25)

June 2154 (montage of events)

  • “Every day, it’s reading the trails, the tracks of the waterhole.” (1:08:35)
  • Log entry: 42 is dated to 06/29/2154 (1:08:57)

July/August 2154 (montage of events)

  • “I talked Mo’at into letting Grace into the village. It’s the first time since the school was closed down.” (1:09:59)
  • “She says all energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back.” (1:11:16) We see our first Na’vi funerary rights.
  • “You were in 16 hours today.” (1:12:02)
  • “Today I made a kill and we ate it.” (1:12:25)
  • “Neytiri’s sister, Sylwanin, stopped coming to school.” (1:13:34) “She was angry about the clearcutting, and one day she and a number of young hunters came running in, all painted up. They had set a bulldozer on fire. I guess they thought I could protect them. The troopers pursued them to the school. They killed Sylwanin in the doorway, right in front of Neytiri, and then shot the others. I got most of the kids out, but they never came back.”
  • “But I put ten years of my life into that school. They called me Sa’nok.”(1:14:43) “Mother.”
  • “You are ready.” (1:15:42)
  • “Learning to ride an ikran, we call them banshees, is the test every young hunter has to pass.” (1:16:19)
  • Jake makes the tsaheylu bond with his ikran. (1:21:58)
  • “Your first flight seals the bond; you cannot wait.” (1:22:30)

August 13th, 2154

  • My grandfather’s grandfather was toruk makto, rider of Last Shadow.” (1:29:39)
  • “It has only happened 5 times since the times of the first songs.” (1:29:50) “That’s a long time.”
  • “Toruk Makto is mighty. He brought the clans together in a time of great sorrow.” (1:29:58)
  • “It’s hard to believe it’s only been three months.” (1:30:42)
  • Log entry: 87 is dated to 08/13/2154. (1:30:48)
  • Jake shaves before heading back to see Quaritch per military grooming standards.

August 14th, 2154

  • Jake is clean-shaven.
  • “Your last report was more than two weeks ago.” (1:31:21) The last report detailed the Tree of Souls.
  • “It’s one more thing. Ceremony. It’s the final stage of becoming a man. (1:32:13)

August 18th, 2154

  • “The Na’vi say that every person is born twice. The second time is when you earn your place among the people, forever.” (1:33:08)
  • “You are now a son of the Omatikaya. You are part of the people.” (1:33:25)
  • Jake and Neytiri mate beneath the Tree of Voices. (1:36:41)
  • “I am with you now Jake. We are mated for life.” (1:37:20)

August 19th, 2154

  • The RDA dozers come to bulldoze the Tree of Voices, paving their way to the Hometree. (1:37:49)
  • Tsu’tey cries, perhaps thinking of the voice of Sylwanin he’ll no longer be able to hear. (1:40:52) As seen in Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path
  • Jake’s link is pulled while still in progress, thanks to Quaritch. (1:43:32)
  • The date of the footage in which Jake’s avatar destroys the dozer cameras is ’03/19/2154,’ likely a mistake meant to read ’08/19/2154.’ (1:44:15)
  • We revisit Log entry: 87, dated to ’08/13/2154’. (1:46:30)
  • The Omatikaya blow up the dozers that night, in retaliation. (1:47:19)

August 20th, 2154

  • The RDA look over the totaled equipment. (1:47:54)
  • “They bulldozed a sacred site on purpose, to trigger a response. They’re just fabricating this war, to get what they want.” (1:48:32)
  • “Quaritch is rolling the gunships. He’s gonna hit Hometree.” (1:48:54)
  • “Listen to me. You’ve got one hour.” (1:49:52)
  • Jake tells the Na’vi the truth about why he was sent to them in the first place. (1:50:40)
  • Quaritch has his men open fire on Hometree. (1:54:25)
  • The Hometree falls. (1:57:14, 1:57:54)
  • Eytukan dies. (1:59:38)

August 21st, 2154

  • The body of Grace Augustine is brought to the Tree of Souls. (2:07:01)
  • “Tsu’tey is olo’eyktan now.” (2:07:36)
  • Jake Sully becomes the 6th Toruk Makto. (2:09:25) As seen in ‘Avatar: Brothers.’
  • “I’m with her Jake. She’s real.” (2:14:50)
  • Grace Augustine dies. (2:15:06)
  • Toruk Makto and others ride out to the other clans to gather together against the Sky People. (2:17:48)

August 22nd, 2154

  • The clans all gather to the Tree of Souls. (2:19:19)
  • The 5 slides shown on Quaritch’s screen range from 8/09/2154 to 8/13/2154, which is impossible. (2:19:43)
  • “Now, these orbital images tell me that the hostiles numbers have gone from a few hundred, to well over 2000 in one day. And more are pouring in.” (2:19:44) “In a weeks time there could be 20,000 of them.”
  • Max Patel tells Jake Sully that Quaritch is planning an attack “0600 tomorrow.” (2:21:06)
  • “I have 15 clans out there.” (2:21:30)
  • “See the world we come from. There’s no green there. They killed their mother.” (2:22:42)

August 23rd, 2154

  • The RDA heads out for their assault on the Tree of Souls at 0600. (2:24:00)
  • The war for Pandora begins. (2:28:15)
  • Tsu’tey is shot. (2:32:21)
  • Trudy Chacon is killed. (2:32:59)
  • Tsu-tey tells Jake that he must lead the people as olo’eyktan now. (2:47:25)
  • Tsu’tey dies. (2:48:30)
  • The RDA is forced to leave Pandora later that afternoon. (2:48:57)
  • “The time of Great Sorrow was ending. Toruk makto was no longer needed.”(2:49:22)

August 24th, 2154

  • Log entry: 98 is dated to 08/24/2154. (2:49:59) His final log.
  • “It’s my birthday after all.” (2:50:10) This may literally be the date he was born on earth, but it may also be symbolic of his new birth with Eywa.
  • Jake Sully passes through the Eye of Eywa, and awakes in his avatar’s body for good. (2:51:25)