Avatar: Brothers

Brothers is a short one-shot comic collected in the Tsu’tey’s Path trade paperback.

August 21, 2154

Brothers is a short story that expands a scene in the original film, originally published in a 2017 FCBD issue. Trying to regain his trust with the Omaticaya clan, he hunts down the leonopteryx to bond with it. While he does so he’s reminded of several mythological stories he and his brother used to enjoy as a child. He liked one where Alexander the Great tamed a dangerous horse. His brother enjoyed a story where Bellerophon tamed Pegasus. The stories parallel what is happening with Jake now. Jake Sully becomes the 6th Toruk Makto.

  • Jake and Tom Sully were twins.
  • When Jake was younger, his favorite story was of Alexander the Great. When Tom was younger, his favorite story was of Bellerophon.
  • Jake Sully bonds with the leonopteryx.
  • He attacks a marine who was set to attack him.