Avatar: Adapt Or Die

Avatar: Adapt Or Die is a 6-issue comic series occurring around 2142. Buy it here.

c. 2142

Issue #1:

Over a decade after the Avatar Program begins, Dr. Grace Augustine approaches Mo’at with the intention of starting a school for the young Na’vi. Mo’at allows the children to determine whether they want to start a school, which would be a useful exchange of knowledge between the humans and Na’vi. As a sign of good faith, the humans let the Na’vi onto their base for some time, before making any decision, but are kicked out early. The children decide they want to start a school, but shortly after that the children begin to show signs that they may have been poisoned.

  • “These bodies aren’t any older than the Na’vi kids.”
  • The Pale Pox, a Na’vi illness, never strikes twice.

Issue #2:

The children continue to be sick. Not one of them is spared. Mo’at believes it’s from a particular flower, and she uses the normal cure she would administer for them at illness, but still little changes.

Grace Augustine notices something’s off with her Avatar’s cellular structure in her hair, and thinks it could be connected with the illness. Mo’at thinks something that the Sky People did made the kids sick. Separately, Mo’at and Grace leave their respective camps to find answers.

  • Syekalin flowers are seasonal.
  • The humans have “tox labs” every few months.

Issue #3:

Grace visits the Na’vi against the orders from her camp, delivering goods. Eytukan doesn’t trust the Sky People, as he saw them dump waste into the water. Grace tries a concoction on herself, after being told they weren’t responsible for the sickness by her superiors.

Mo’at takes her to the mountains to talk with the Tawkami clan, who are Pandora’s master botanists. Maybe they have an answer.

Issue #4:

Grace Augustine follows Mo’at to the Tawkami clan who are supposedly great botanists. Grace passes out and unlinks from her Avatar. She wakes up to find the very same thing happening to all the Avatars in their camp. They try to find the issue. Both the Tawkami and Grace separately realize something is amiss. The Tawkami and Mo’at drag Grace’s Avatar body to the poisonous flowers they originally thought harbored the disease. Grace realizes something is missing from the body. They have to go outside their encampment to find the answer.

Issue #5:

Mo’at and the Tawkami bring the husk of Grace’s Avatar out of the Tawkami village and to safety. Mo’at transports her for a while before being apprehended by wild beasts, which she negotiates with to free herself, but in so doing, Grace’s Avatar husk has been taken away by her pa’li steed somewhere she is unaware.

Meanwhile, Grace Augustine and the other humans in camp bicker about what to do with the Na’vi getting sick, because now even the Avatars are getting sick. They find some mechanical waste going into the water, which the plants absorb, which the animals eat, which the Na’vi hunt. This is the correlation of how the Na’vi are getting sick. Now Grace must find a way to save them.

  • The avatars are basically the same biological age as the children.

Issue #6

Mo’at finds Grace’s Avatar body, dumped from her steed’s side, though the herb given to the body by the Tawkami seems to have killed the poison in Grace’s avatar’s system.

Meanwhile, human Grace, now knowing that it’s their machine’s waste that’s hurting the children, heads over to the Na’vi camp to administer aid, though they fight her presence. Mo’at arrives and allows Grace to help. She returns with Grace to the human camp, to oversee the synthesis of the flowers that grew in the Tawkami tribe to the vials of potion that they create. Later, they administer the treatment to all the affected parties, and Grace makes the promise that the humans will stop dumping their poison into the soil. One of the children they save is a young Neytiri.