The Surprise New Grogu Short Coming to Disney+

Thanks to a slip up from a Disney+ socials account in Italy, the new November releases for the streamer were unveiled, and interestingly, a new title, a previously unheard of original short featuring Grogu, was among them. The account quickly took the post down, but not quickly enough. The “corto originale” or original short, known only as ‘Star Wars Zen: Grogu and Dust Bunnies’ arrives November 12th.

November 12th, a Saturday, appears to be a fairly significant date, being the day that Disney+ opened its doors to the public, but it’s also the date that Grogu was introduced to the world in the first ever episode of The Mandalorian. Disney+ owes a lot of its early membership to Grogu’s swift popularity, better known to the public then as ‘Baby Yoda,’ so a new feature on the lovable puppet/cgi character seems more than warranted.

That said, what exactly is Star Wars Zen: Grogu and Dust Bunnies? My best guess is this short won’t follow any discernible narrative aside from Grogu playing around with dust bunnies. It seems to me like it’ll be closer to something like the I Am Groot shorts and less like the recent Tales of the Jedi series. The title ‘Star Wars Zen’ hints that it could be an almost meditative short to put on in the background, similar to what we saw with Star Wars Biomes, or Galaxy of Sounds. The fact that it does have the banner title of ‘Star Wars Zen’ leads me to conclude this won’t be the only short in this series and that we may see more down the line, perhaps even an annual Grogu short every November 12th.

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