Pitching the Trials for ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Season 2

Jennifer Walters is not the only person with some “pretty strong ideas” as to where Season 2 could go! As a ‘half-hour legal comedy’, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Season 1 had many court cases featuring familiar – and obscure – Marvel characters. In this article, we’ll explore what we think could appear in the second installment of the MCU’s foray into the world of “superhuman law”, She-Hulk 2: The Wrath of Roxxon. Please note, these are fan-pitched ideas and therefore do not reflect any foreknowledge of future seasons or episodes. There will also be spoilers for the entirety of the series’ first season – you have been warned.


  • Emphasize the “Attorney at Law” aspect of the show. While Season 1 did have many legal cases, they were noticeably scarce in comparison to the action scenes and were the most enjoyable moments of Season 1 in my opinion. The following pitch is coincidentally structured in a way where every second episode features a court case.
  • Make this pitch “realistic”
    • I.e. include various MCU references, adhere to and respect canon, etc.
  • Replicate a similar feel to Season 1, with cameos from Marvel Comics, the MCU and the real world, alike

The Wrath of Roxxon

This will be the subtitle for Season 2, with Season 1’s subtitle being “Attorney at Law“. Throughout the series, many of the legal cases will feature the Roxxon Corporation (a Roxxon Gas Station can be seen in the flashback events of the Season 1 premiere 1×01 “A Normal Amount of Rage”) as an aspect of them, with Jennifer Walters, Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Augustus Pugliese and Nikki Ramos all working to build a case against them, similar to the real-life events seen in the first season of Dopesick where a legal case is built against Purdue Pharma over their involvement in the opioid epidemic in the United States. This will be a season-long throughline, similar to the various altercations Jen had with Titania and the Intelligencia in Season 1. It is also worth noting that while many episodes deal with the ramifications of events from countries like Italy, Norway, India, Japan and the United States to emphasise and explore the international presence of the Roxxon Corporation, the trials will take place in the US as that is where Jen and her colleagues are based.

2×01 “Hydrographic Evidence” (Premiere)

Title reference: a type of evidence used in court, “photographic evidence”.

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, a BuzzFeed article mentioned reports on the sailor Morris Bench who was exposed to an underwater generator (revealed to be owned by the United States Navy but funded by Roxxhydro, Roxxon’s hydro-electricity subsidiary) and got hydro powers. In She-Hulk Season 2, it will be established that BuzzFeed wrote a follow-up piece where they refer to Bench as “Hydro-Man” and blame him for the Battle in the Grand Canal. Jerad Marantz’s early concept art will be used as the basis for his design in the season, and Bench will be portrayed by William Zabka. It may not be allowed to happen, but Josh Segarra does want Pug to meet Spider-Man.

2×02 “Life: A Juggling Act”

Title reference: the phrase “life is a juggling act”.

This episode features the villain team the Death-Throws, comprising of Wendy Conrad/Bombshell (Adetinpo Thomas reprises her role from Hawkeye 1×02 “Hide and Seek”, 1×04 “Partners, Am I Right?” and 1×06 “So This Is Christmas?”), Nick Grossman/Knickknack, Elton Healey/Oddball, Charles Last/Ringleader and Alvin Healey/Tenpin (preferably portrayed by Chris Parnell, who voiced him in M.O.D.O.K. 1×04 “If Saturday Be… for the Boys!”). The team will steal their equipment from Keibler’s Circus (Jessica Jones 1×09 “AKA Sin Bin”).

2×03 “Indiana Jen and the Kingdom of the Red Skull”

Title reference: the 2008 film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

This episode follows the Roxxon Oil Corporation as they try and force the citizens of New Asgard off their land so they can dig for oil. This episode brings into question the sovereign nation of New Asgard and the legality of “gods” on Earth. The winning argument Jen uses is that their land is technically sacred ground because they are all “gods” of a religion that did use to exist. The Project Head of Roxxon’s Norway division, Jonathan Darque, will be subsequently fired as a result. Peg O’Keef will reprise her role as the Light Elf Runa from 1×03 “The People vs. Emil Blonsky”, who appears as a witness, given that she is the daughter of an Alfheim diplomat. Tessa Thomson will also reprise her role as King Brünhilde/Valkyrie, the reigning monarch of New Asgard. She mentions past incidents that have affected New Asgard, such as when the Wrecking Crew robbed an Asgardian construction worker, an event Jen is familiar with (1×03 “The People vs. Emil Blonsky”) and Gorr’s attack on New Asgard (Thor: Love and Thunder).

2×04 “Darque Fire”

Title reference: the 2004 book Dark Fire.

This episode will not feature a legal case but instead will follow on from the last episode. Jonathan Darque, who we last saw in the previous episode, has built his own battle suit and becomes a supervillain under the name “Magma”. He returns to New Asgard and starts to set the town ablaze, before quickly being chased out by the Einherjar. He quickly remembers the lawyer whose performance in the case led to his firing and hunts her down.

2×05 “Fraud of the Centuries: Kingo, Karun Patel, and the Stolen History of Bollywood”

Title reference: the 2003 book Fraud of the Century: Rutherford B. Hayes, Samuel Tilden, and the Stolen Election of 1876.

Kumail Nanjiani and Harish Patel reprise their roles as Kingo and Karun Patel, respectively, from Eternals. Jen investigates his fraud of playing multiple generations of “his family” throughout the history of Bollywood cinema, realising that the Kingo family of actors, including his great-great-grandfather, “The Great Kingo“, his great-grandfather, “Raj. Kingo Deva“, his grandfather, “Kingo the Third“, his father, “Sri Kingo” and “Kingo” himself, are all pseudonyms of the same man.

2×06 “Shallow Pain”

Title reference: the English name of the titular Roxxon Corporation subsidiary.

This episode features Asano Robotics (アサノ ロボティクス Asano robotikusu), a subsidiary of the Roxxon Corporation based in Japan (seen in Daredevil 1×07 “Stick” and 2×05 “Kinbaku”). The main antagonist of the episode is Hinata Asano/Samurai Steel, grandson of Yoshida Asano, the first CEO of the subsidiary. This episode acts as a spiritual successor to the Season 1 episodes 1×08 “Ribbit and Rip It” and 1×09 “Whose Show is This?” due to the connections with Matt Murdock/Daredevil.

2×07 “Roxx and Roll”

Title reference: the music genre “rock and roll”, setting up the music-themed events of the episode.

Featuring a court case against the Roxxon Corporation’s newest subsidiary Roxxsong, a record label that Lil Nas X is assigned to, who survived the Snap but wasn’t given fair royalties – Roxxsong’s argument was that the executives who signed the deal were mid-Snap, so it didn’t go through. This episode acts as a spiritual successor to the Season 1 episode 1×03 “The People vs. Emil Blonsky”.

2×08 “Roxx, Stoxx and Two Smoking Lawyers” (Penultimate)

Title reference: the 1998 film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

The episode opens with a flashback to July 20th, 1947 – the day after the SSR’s Infiltration into the Roxxon Warehouse (Agent Carter 2×05 “The Atomic Job”). Roxxon security guards investigate the events and ensure various alien and high-tech objects are safe and secure in storage. Back in the present day, the Roxxon Warehouse (coincidentally located in Los Angeles) is once again infiltrated and the various alien and high-tech weapons are stolen, making them extremely dangerous. The case in this episode is about Roxxon’s lack of security, as Jen has to track down each item with the help of a Roxxon Historian around the city.

2×09 “Roxxon, Roxx off” (Finale)

Title reference: quote by Mr Miyagi, “Wax on, wax off”, from the 1984 film The Karate Kid.

The finale will see Jennifer Walters, Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Augustus Pugliese and Nikki Ramos taking down the Roxxon Corporation once and for all, which ultimately changes the future as the company would no longer be around by the time Haven Hills, a corporate town owned by Roxxon subsidiary Roxxcart, is affected by a Category 8 Hurricane in 2050 as seen in Loki 1×02 “The Variant”, 1×03 “Lamentis” and 1×04 “The Nexus Event”.

The post-credits scene of the finale will open with the stormy storefront of the Roxxcart Mall quickly fading away as we cut to a TVA agent looking up at a Chronomonitor showing that the timeline is being erased. They investigate the case, see which timeline caused the problem and exclaims exhaustingly “Not again…”. Season 3, which could be subtitled Time Trials, will follow Jennifer Walters as she struggles with the question “How far will I go to serve justice?” and will feature a trial reminiscent of that of the one seen in She-Hulk Vol. 3: Time Trials (2006) where She-Hulk knowingly tampers with time by warning Hawkeye of his impending death.


And there you have it! What did you think of Season 1? Would you be excited to see a Season 2, and maybe even a Season 3? Are you intrigued to see where Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk pops up in the future of the MCU? Let us know in the comments below or tag @Blacklight or @Geekritique on Twitter!

2 thoughts on “Pitching the Trials for ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Season 2

  1. Well put and thought-out idea for a season 2 (if it ever happens). I do hope the show gets renewed and was not a limited series like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were. That Eternal episode was spot-on. About damn time someone investigated into Kingo’s lineage of Bollywood Superstars with uncanny doppelgangerism.

    The titles were terrific especially that Indy 4 referential episode.

    Although personally, I feel like 9 episode is too limited for a legal show especially if its each episode is half hour long. If the runtime is longer then its fine other a 13 episode second season is a must.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I only chose 9 episodes because the season 2’s have had the same episode counts as the season 1’s (Loki, What If…?, etc.) so I just thought I’d stick to the script. But I agree, Kingo must be stopped!


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