We May Already Know When ‘THE MARVELS’ Occurs on the MCU Timeline

While the official announcements were slim comparatively to what we received at SDCC a few months back, D23 introduced fans to a bevy of new footage, concept art, and plot details for much of Marvel’s upcoming Phase 5 slate. While many only got to see new teasers for Werewolf by Night and Secret Invasion, those attending Marvel’s D23 panel in person had the opportunity to see some extra footage from select films. One title they revealed a glimpse at was the upcoming ‘The Marvels,’ which gave us some confirmation that fan favorite flerken Goose is returning.

According to Discussing Film, a plot synopsis was unveiled which has the three protagonists Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan switching places whenever they use their powers.

This is one of the most bizarre concepts for a comic book film yet, but it sounds like a lot of fun, and it isn’t totally out of left field. In the mid-credits scene for ‘Ms. Marvel’ we get our first glimpse of the body-swapping action as Kamala, having just got home from school, violently transforms into Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel. This was a clear nod to Kamala’s comic book origins, as in her very first issue ever she morphs her figure into that of Carol Danvers. For a full breakdown of her origins and this scene in particular check out episode 2 of Marvelous! Journey Into History, where we dissect the Disney+ series and compare it to the character’s 2014 comic run.

From Ms. Marvel #1 (2014)

But what I find interesting is that the plot of The Marvels appears to directly follow the events of Ms. Marvel’s credits scene, which in turn likely occurs shortly after the primary events of the series. In our recent video, ‘When Does Ms. Marvel Take Place’, we examine where the show fits best, and without a doubt, Ms. Marvel falls best in September and October of 2025, shortly after the start of Kamala’s Junior year in high school. There’s some contention among MCU chronologists on this placement, due to the observance of the Eid holiday, though the series doesn’t appear to occur during the summer months.

That is to say, if The Marvels occurs shortly after Ms. Marvel, due to the plot necessity of quickly reversing such a debilitating crutch as body swapping every time you used your powers, it follows that The Marvels would also take place in Q4 of 2025. This is a guess, ultimately, but a workable theory. I could be wrong, and I won’t know for certain unless they expressly give us a time range in the film, or until I’ve gone through the film frame by frame, but speculation is half the fun, right? So when does The Marvels take place? As of now, it appears that The Marvels occurs in Autumn 2025.

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